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APA Format Basics

This interactive webinar offers guidance on formatting and documenting for research papers and other writing assignments according to the standards outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition (2011).Detailed examples are shown for references, citations, the title page and more.


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Elements of Scholarly Writing

This webinar outlines a step-by-step approach to writing graduate-level research, including selecting scholarly sources, adequately narrowing a topic, composing a thesis statement, synthesizing literature, achieving coherence, and writing an effective introduction and conclusion.

Grammar and Punctuation: FAQs and Q&A

What's a comma splice and how do I correct it? Is it a Master's, masters, or Masters degree? In this webinar, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about grammar and punctuation and will answer any of those nagging questions you've had: Should I lay it down, lie it down, or just give it a rest? And what on earth is "present perfect"?

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APA Format with MS Word: Research Papers and the Dissertation

This Writing Support webinar series with guest Joe Velazquez, independent APA editor, covers step-by-step instructions for formatting papers using Microsoft Word software. This Adobe Connect session covers general research paper formatting (e.g., running headers, main headers, page numbers) and dissertation formatting (e.g., table of contents, levels of heading, tables, figures, section and page breaks) following specific APA and Pepperdine GSEP guidelines.

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Organizing and Synthesizing the Literature Review

This webinar recording from a virtual class presentation is designed to help students better use synthesis--blending and presenting information in a new way--through the lens of a student's own proposed research when writing the literature review section of a research paper or dissertation. Much more than a list of sources, an effective review of the literature analyzes and synthesizes information about key themes or issues related to a particular research topic, theory, or research question. 

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Planning, Drafting and Revising the Personal Statement

Mastering Turnitin

Turnitin is a software application that allows students to check their papers for instances of plagiarism. This session will focus on submitting a document and interpreting the report as well as adequately paraphrasing text.

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Writing Chapter Five While Waiting for IRB Approval

This webinar, facilitated by EDOL adjunct faculty member Tom Granoff, Ph.D., provides GSEP doctoral candidates with strategies for structuring and writing chapter five (Discussion) of the dissertation while waiting for IRB approval or data collection.

About the Presenter: Tom Granoff, Ph.D. has been an adjunct professor at Pepperdine since 2002. He teaches research methods and statistics courses and has been an independent dissertation consultant since 1980.



Making the Transition from Coursework to Dissertation

Guest host Dr. Tom Granoff identifies several dozen distinctions between completing coursework and completing the doctoral dissertation. Candidates must make profound changes in their mindsets in order to effectively and efficiently complete their dissertations.  This webinar not only identifies the differences between the two challenges but also provides many strategies for dissertation students to streamline the process, minimize frustration, and graduate by their deadline.

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35+ Quantitative Landmines and How to Navigate Them

In this webinar, Dr. Tom Granoff identified over 35 of these potential problems and provided solutions to assist the dissertation student in effectively planning and completing the dissertation. Includes Q & A session.

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