Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the SHC?

We are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

What is the cost to use the Student Health Center?

First visit each semester: $70

Subsequent visits fees range from $15 to $50 depending on the level of services rendered.

There are additional fees for lab testing, procedures performed, and medications provided.  The SHC strives to keep our fees low.  A walk‐out statement/super‐bill will be provided at check‐out, which can be submitted to the insurance company for possible reimbursement or application towards the deductible.

What forms of payment does the Student Health Center accept?

The student account may be billed, or pay by cash or check.

Will the SHC accept “walk‐in” appointments?

Appointments are preferred, but walk‐ins are welcome. Walk‐ins are put in priority according to the nature and urgency of the illness or injury.

What happens if medical attention is needed in the evening or on the weekend?

Emergencies: Call 911 first and then call (310) 506‐4441 to notify DPS.

Non Emergencies: 24/7 Nursing Hot Line ‐ PEP RN at (800) 413‐0848. This program is provided to all enrolled students and is designed to give medically related advice and triage symptoms when the SHC is closed.

Malibu Urgent Care: Located about one mile off campus and offers expanded and weekend hours.

Exer Urgent Care:  Calabasas, CA, (818) 880‐2225.  7 Days/wk, 9:00 a.m. ‐ 8:30 p.m.

Emergency Rooms: Two are located in Santa Monica, approximately one half‐hour off campus ‐ St John's ER and Santa Monica/UCLA ER. Kaiser Permanente is located in Woodland Hills.

Does the SHC provide excuse or absent notes?

The SHC does not provide excuse notes for missed classes, exams, or work.

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What is the scope of practice at the SHC?

The Student Health Center is similar to a private doctor's office.  We offer in‐house testing for things such as strep throat, mono and have a full service laboratory where labs are sent out.  Specific services include evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, women's and men's health, immunizations, travel medicine, sports medicine, eating disorder treatment, nutrition, massage, and a dispensary of medications.

What professional staff is at the SHC?

There are two part‐time board certified physicians and a full time nurse practitioner.  We also have a registered nurse, a certified medical assistant, a registered dietitian, and a certified massage therapist.

Is the visit confidential?

The Student Health Center regards all medically related information to be highly confidential. Permission must be obtained before we may give information to anyone not directly connected with a patient's care. This applies to parents and University officials. Exceptions required by law include reporting certain communicable diseases, threats of suicide or homicide, or suspected abuse of children or elderly persons.

Can previously established medical care be continued while attending Pepperdine?

Some medical care can be continued by the Student Health Center.  A summary of the medical problems, all health records, and recommendations from the person's MD or specialist is necessary for continuity of care purposes.  Sometimes it may be necessary to refer to a specialist in our area depending on the medical issues.  We keep an updated referral system for specialists in our area.

What if a prescription is needed?

We have a small dispensary in our Center, and there are two pharmacies in the local community with prescription co‐pay:

CVS Pharmacy (310) 456‐6833

Super Care Pharmacy (310) 456‐9059.

What happens if a referral to an outside specialty doctor is needed?

In such cases, it is recommended that an appointment be made with one of our practitioners first, in order to determine if a referral is necessary.  We have a substantial referral list to be utilized.