24/7 Nursing Advice

PEP-RN 24/7 NurseLine

PEP-RN 24/7 NurseLine is a confidential hotline staffed by registered nurses with physician back-up. You must be a currently enrolled student to use this service. Call 800.413.0848 when you wish to speak with a nurse to help you make a sound decision about your health concerns and the type of care you should seek. The nurse can give you self-care instructions or refer you to the Department of Public Safety, the Student Health Center, a local urgent care center, or the emergency room. PEP-RN 24/7 NurseLine does not diagnose or provide treatment over the phone and is in no way a substitute for seeing a physician. It is designed to help you decide what steps to take, depending on the information you provide.

When to use PEP-RN 24/7 NurseLine

Call PEP-RN 24/7 NurseLine and let the registered nurses guide you to making an informed decision.

  • Is this a cold or the flu?
  • I have a temperature, what should I do?
  • My skin is red and itches a lot!

24/7 Nursing Advice | 800.413.0848