Insurance FAQ

Who can I speak with about health insurance?

For health insurance questions you may contact USI Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899. 

How do I pay for insurance coverage?

All Malibu students who do not provide proof of their own U.S. based health insurance plan through the online waiver system are automatically enrolled in SHIP and the student account is charged.

Health Center Referral Requirement

Students enrolled in SHIP are required to schedule an appointment at the Health Center during business hours for a referral, before visiting an outside doctor. The insurance plan will not cover any bills that do not have a Health Center referral. No referral required for Emergency Room care or for Gynecology annual exams.  Please refer to your current Anthem Benefits Brochure for other exceptions to the referral requirement.

Can I see any doctor?

After you have visited the Health Center and obtained a referral, you can then see a doctor of your choice. HOWEVER, it is best to see a doctor who is "In-Network", as your health insurance will provide more benefits if the doctor is "In-Network".

How do I find an “In-Network” doctor or a hospital?

To find an "In-Network" doctor, visit the online website at and click on "Find a doctor". Follow the steps to locate the doctors and hospitals that are "In-Network". You can also call (855) 296-0864 to find an "In-Network" doctor or a hospital by phone. Be sure to confirm online listings are still Anthem providers.

How do my bills get paid?

The Health Center does not bill insurance companies directly. You will be able to charge your student account and a receipt with the necessary insurance codes will be given to you to submit to Anthem Claims for reimbursement. If you visit an "In-Network" doctor or a hospital, they will send the bills directly to the insurance company for payment. BUT if you receive a bill from the doctor/hospital, that means they do not have your health insurance plan information to send the bills to the company. In this case, you can call the doctor's office to give your insurance information OR mail the bill to the claims administrator at the address below:

Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company
P.O. BOX 60007

Who do I speak to if I have a question about my claim?

You should call Anthem Customer Service at (855) 296-0864. Have your insurance card in hand and be ready to give the date of service you are calling about.

Does my coverage include vision and dental?

SHIP does not include vision or dental other than services related to sickness or injury.

What happens when I graduate?

Students who purchase SHIP and graduate during the term for that policy period are eligible to enroll in the following term plan. To do this they must call USI Insurance Services customer service (800) 853-5899 to inform them of their graduation date and desire to enroll in the "continuation plan" for the next term policy period. Students who did not purchase SHIP for the term they graduate are not eligible for the continuation plan.

I have waived the Pepperdine Student Insurance, but I no longer have comparable health insurance. What should I do?

You are required to maintain comparable health insurance at all times during your approved waiver period. If your private health insurance coverage is terminated during the waiver period, you are required to enroll in SHIP or anther plan that is comparable. To enroll in SHIP you must notify the University's broker, USI Insurance Services, at (800) 853-5899. They will enroll you over the phone and your Student Insurance Plan will take effect as of the date of your request.

I enrolled in the Student Insurance but I never received my ID card. What should I do?

First check your Wave Net account to set your local and permanent mailing address. Then call USI Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899 to make sure they have that same mailing address on file. Once your correct address is confirmed you should request they mail your card to you. Ask for your Anthem Medical ID# so that you can go online and print a temporary card.

What if I need to go to the Emergency Room (ER) or I am hospitalized?

If possible, go to an in-network facility. Be sure to request that all components of your care are Anthem providers (doctors, radiologists, anesthesiologists, etc.), otherwise your out-of-pocket cost may be very high. Be sure to have your insurance ID card with you so that billing will go directly to your carrier.


It is wise to carry your insurance card with you at all times. The insurance card is proof that you have insurance and provides all the insurance information that the  doctor or the hospital needs to send the bills to the company.