New Students

Congratulations and welcome to Pepperdine University! The Student Health Center is staffed with Board Certified Physicians, a Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurses, and Medical Assistants. We are here to serve your medical needs during your time as a student at Pepperdine. Our services include care for illness and injury, respiratory problems, women's and men's health, dermatology, immunizations, labs, in-house testing, nutrition, and massage therapy. In addition, the SHC offers specialized clinics such as flu vaccination, travel medicine, allergy, and STI/HIV testing.  We are delighted you have joined our community and look forward to serving you on campus.



1. Complete online Health History Form
2. Enter dates you received required immunizations into Patient Portal
3. Upload immunization records in ENGLISH into Patient Portal

 The SHC requires all submissions to be uploaded to our medical system by the deadline date. Please follow these steps:

  • Go to the SHC Patient Portal, and log in with your WaveNet user ID and password for access.
  • Click on the HEALTH HISTORY FORMS icon
  • Complete the Health History Form (HHF).
  • Once the HHF is complete, return to the Patient Portal home page and follow the steps below:
    1. Click on the IMMUNIZATION tab.
    2. Enter the dates of you received each of the listed required immunizations and/or lab tests for immunity.
    3. Click SUBMIT at the end of each section when it is complete.
    4. Return to the Patient Portal home page.
    5. Click on the UPLOAD icon and follow the directions for the submission of your official immunization records in English. 


***Note: You MUST input immunization dates and/or lab tests for immunity into the Patient Portal, in addition to uploading the required immunization documents in English***


The Student Health Center will administer immunizations during NSO; however, completing the above requirements before arriving on campus will help avoid delays in registering for your classes. 


When you complete these steps be sure to click on the "Health Insurance" link listed on the left side of the page to understand your annual Health Insurance Requirement and file a waiver through the online waiver system if you don't want to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.