The Student Health Center (SHC) believes that health promotion is a broad concept and includes providing information to the campus community via various prevention services including educational outreach programs, publications in The Graphic, workshops, and special events. Student organizations, resident advisors, club officers, faculty, and staff can request a variety of health promotion programs.

Student Wellness Advisory Board

The Student Wellness Advisory Board (SWAB) is composed of a group of students who share a common interest and commitment to improving Pepperdine's SHC as well as providing Health Outreach to students. They have been appointed by the SHC with the purpose of advising, improving, learning about, and sharing ideas on relevant issues relating to the SHC in addition to providing accurate information regarding health issues to the students. Students interested in joining SWAB, please email club advisor Rebecca Roldan at rebecca.roldan@pepperdine.edu  for more information.