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Student Health Advisory Board

Who are we?

SHAB stands for Student Health Advisory Board. The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Board is to promote student participation in health care on campus. In addition, SHAB serves Pepperdine University in the following ways:

Health Center Advocates on Campus

  • Promotes awareness of the Student Health Center and its capabilities
  • Lobbies for the Student Health Center or health policies on campus

Advisors to the Student Health Center

  • Advisors on Health Center policy, services and budgetary spending
  • Monitor student feedback related to the Student Health Center

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The goal of SHAB is to seek diverse student representation to serve as an important liaison between the Student Health Center (SHC) and the student body and assist in promoting the general health and well-being of the Pepperdine students including facilitating, publicizing, and improving the SHC.

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Interested in becoming a SHAB member?

Membership in the Student Health Advisory Board is open to any Pepperdine student who is interested in  health and wellness on campus.

All members are encouraged to attend all meetings.

For students who want to be active but cannot attend all general meetings, it will be their responsibility to contact the president for updates.

Job Description

  • Recommend changes in the SHC program of services, based on the best interest of the student body
  • Serve as liaison between the student body and the SHC to promote good health throughout the University community
  • act as a mechanism for which students can present their evaluations and grievances to regarding the SHC

Application process/deadline

Students interested in joining SHAB, please email club advisor Rebecca Roldan at rebecca.roldan@pepperdine.edu for more information on how to proceed.

Meeting time


Academic requirements

Minimum GPA of 2.5

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Questions, Comments, or Requests

Please direct any SHAB related questions to club advisor Rebecca Roldan at rebecca.roldan@pepperdine.edu

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The Student Health Center is located on the corner of Huntsinger Circle and Towers Rd., in Rho parking lot.

Viewable on the Interactive Map

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