Absence Note Policy


The Student Health Center does not provide written medical absence excuses to students for missed class, examinations, extracurricular activities, or employment*. This policy statement should not be considered verification that the student was seen at the Student Health Center.


The policy is consistent with our commitment to maintain confidentially, encourage the more appropriate use of health care resources, and support meaningful dialogue between the teacher and student. It is our belief that class attendance and other activities are an administrative matter between the student and the faculty member or employer. It is important for students to learn self-management of colds, flu, other minor illnesses, and minor injuries. On many occasions, it is very difficult for us to judge objectively whether a student is able to attend class, take an exam, or go to work. Student Health Center practitioners are proactive in educating patients on proper care for recovery, preventative measures, and balancing issues related to illness, contagiousness, and school demands. We feel this is a more valuable use of medical staff time as opposed to writing absence notes.

*In the event that a student is under our direct care due to an illness or accident requiring significant restriction in activity for an extended period, a medical note can be provided. This remains at the discretion of a qualified health care professional.