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Spiritual Life Advisors

Spiritual Life Advisors (SLAs) plays a vital role within the living areas by fostering an environment that encourages spiritual growth through building relationships, caring for students, and being available to meet their needs.

The purpose of the SLA is to be of the hands and feet of Christ in the residential community and to share his love. SLAs provide the Pepperdine residential community with a more accessible pastoral presence.

The SLA role is nearly 10 months, requires 15 to 20 hour a week, and generally begins in August and ends at the closing of the spring semester.

SLAs exist to promote Christ-centered spiritual growth in residential living areas of Pepperdine University. They seek to enter into the lives of those who live around them in formal and informal ways, and provide loving and caring spiritual support for all those in their immediate living community. 

They work as a team with RAs and other student leaders, and coordinate weekly small group bible studies, accountability groups and prayer groups. SLAs also lead their living area in various community service projects throughout the year.

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