Check-in, Move-out, Packing

When can I check into housing?

Please refer to the information on your school's homepage for specific dates and times, as check-ins are dependent on your school, program, or session.

May I check-in early?

No, unfortunately you may not check-in early or drop off any of your belongings before the assigned check-in time.

How do I enter my room? Where do I find my PIN?

Present your Student ID Card to the card reader above the doorknob and enter your four-digit PIN code. If you do not know your PIN, please login to Wavenet and click on the "Student Services" drop-down menu. "ID Card PIN Lookup" is the last item in the menu.

At the end of the term, when do I move out and remove my belongings?

Students will check out with their Resident Advisor (RA). Please review the important dates on the homepage for your specific check-out date. Students have 24 hours after their last final exam or graduation date to completely remove all of their belongings. Students requesting an extension must email from their Pepperdine email account to request an extension.

What should I pack?

We suggest packing the following basics:

  • Sheets and mattress pad (extra-long twin for all campus housing with the exception of George Page F-block and G-block, which have extra-long full beds)
  • Comforter and pillow
  • Towels
  • Toiletries and caddy (personal items should not be stored in the bathroom)
  • Shower shoes/flip flops
  • Storage containers
  • Desk lamp (No halogen bulbs or string lights are around.)
  • Fan (rooms are not air-conditioned)
  • Small trash can (A large can is provided in each suite.)
  • Laundry basket
  • Lots of hangers
  • Iron and ironing board
  • UL approved surge protectors
  • Decorative items to personalize the room (Walls cannot be more than 20% covered by posters, etc.)
  • Good walking shoes for hilly campus (very few bring bikes due to slope of campus roads)

Apartment residents should bring kitchen supplies, as well as a microwave. We suggest roommates confer with one another regarding items they each plan to bring.

Is there anything I should not bring?

Due to fire insurance regulations, as well as health and sanitary requirements, the following items are not permitted on campus:

  • Toaster ovens, hot plates, or any appliance with an exposed heating element
  • Candles, string lights, or barbecues
  • Electric heaters, halogen lamps, or air conditioning units of any kind.
  • Microwaves:
    • The only microwave units allowed in the Suite-Style Houses and Rockwell Towers can be rented from our approved vendor, College Products.
    • Residents of Lovernich, Drescher, and George Page D and E-blocks are welcome to bring a microwave from home.
    • George Page Fand G-blocks are equipped with microwaves


  • Any animal or pet, including fish

No coaxial cable is necessary as Philo Internet Television is available on students' phones, tablets, and laptops as well as in each first-year hall's lobby on a smart TV. 

Can I send packages before I arrive?

Belongings can be shipped to Pepperdine University Mail Services up to 30 days before your arrival. Mail Services will not deliver shipped items. All belongings must be picked up at Mail Services during regular business hours. We encourage you to bring essentials with you in case you are not able to visit the mail services office on the day of your arrival.

Your shipping address:

[Full Name]
Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway #[Box Number]
Malibu, CA 90263-[Box Number]

How do I order a refrigerator and microwave?

Visit our campus vendors page to place an order.