Room and Furniture

Am I allowed to loft my bed (stack it on top of furniture)?

No. Due to safety concerns, residents may not "loft" their bed on top of the furniture. Residents may raise their beds, using tools available for check-out from RAs (see our Bed Raising How To page). Some residents may prefer to bunk the beds (see below).

Can I bunk my bed?

Yes. Our residence halls contain two types of furniture. Lighter-colored furniture requires a set of four bunking pegs, which can be borrowed from the HRL Office. Darker-colored beds can simply be placed on top of one another without utilizing bunking pegs.

Are the rooms on campus air-conditioned? Can I bring an air conditioner?

Most of our campus living areas are not air-conditioned. The only campus housing with air conditioning is in the Drescher W Building. Residents are not allowed to install air conditioners of any kind. Portable fans are allowed as long as the window screen remains in the window. Nothing can extend from the window or the building.

What am I allowed to put on the walls of my room?

You may hang items on your walls by using small nails, tacks, or putty only. No screws or bolts are allowed. Do not hang items from your ceiling. TV or surf board mounts are not allowed. Surfboards may stored in the common living area. 

Can I mount my TV to the wall?

No. TV mounts, large screws, nails, or bolts are not allowed.

Am I allowed to keep or consume alcohol in my room?

As stated in the handbook, alcohol is not permitted in any living area on-campus including the graduate apartments. Drugs and drug paraphernalia are also not permitted. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Please refer to the Seaver Student Handbook or Graduate Student Handbook for additional information.