Office Staff

Jesse McCauley

Jesse McCauley

Associate Director of Housing Operations

StrengthsQuest Top 5: Achiever, Competition, Developer, Focus, Learner

Jesse McCauley received his bachelor's degree in telecommunications at Pepperdine University.

Born and raised in California, Jesse spends his free time motorcycling, working on his computer, and anything that involves the great outdoors. He insists, "One of these days, I am even going to pick up surfing!"

If Jesse could have given himself a piece of advice back in college, he would have said, "Academics are important, but make sure you have fun and enjoy your college experience. You need a balance."

 Phil Cho

Philip Cho

Assignments Coordinator

Strengths: Restorative, Harmony, Includer, Context, Connectedness

Phil serves as Assignment Coordinator for Housing and Residence Life (HRL) at Pepperdine University. He is responsible for occupancy assignments and management of early arrivals, emergency spaces, and open rooms. Phil is also a member of HRL's Board of Review.

Phil earned his bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from Seaver College in May 2015. Following graduation, He began his professional career in HRL at Pepperdine University as the Assignment Coordinator for Housing Operations. Before joining the HRL staff, Phil worked at the University in various capacities including the office of Human Resources, International Programs, Jumpstart, and Special Programs.

He is passionate about developing and cultivating meaningful relationships with members of the Pepperdine community. Outside of the office, Phil enjoys going to the theater and spending time with his fiancé.

 Hannah Novak

Hannah Novak

Office Manager

Strengths: Individualization, Maximizer, Empathy, Activator, Ideation

Hannah claims Michigan as her home state but grew up in small towns all over the Midwest before her family finally settled in Texas. She earned her bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication from Seaver College, studying abroad for one year in Florence and serving for three years with Campus Ministry. Following graduation, her professional career began in Housing and Residence Life as the Administrative Assistant for Housing Operations.

Hannah now serves as Office Manager for Housing and Residence Life (HRL) at Pepperdine University. She oversees office operations, supervises student workers, and works in close collaboration with the offices of Student Accessibility and Facilities Services to meet housing accommodations.

She is passionate about serving students by sharing with them her passion for communication, spiritual development, and social justice. Outside of the office, Hannah enjoys taking road trips, visiting her family in Dallas, and experiencing all the great food that LA has to offer.