Campus Vendors and Services

The companies listed below are partners of Housing and Residence Life, and we are pleased to offer the following University-approved services to our residents:

College Products: MicroChill®

MicroChills refrigerator/freezer/microwave appliances are an Energy Star-rated and eco-friendly option. All units ordered will be brand new and delivered to campus for free. Order online now at

College Storage Services (CSS)

CSS provides students with various storage options, including on-campus pick-up, sending boxes home, and storing items during the summer and having them delivered to their fall semester campus housing room assignment. CSS also works with FedEx, so students can send boxes to CSS, and they will deliver them to a room assignment before students arrive on campus.

Residence Hall Linens

Students can order their extra-long twin sheets, comforters, matching towels, and storage items directly through the Residence Hall Linens program. For added convenience, they can contact CSS about delivering residence linens directly to campus housing room assignments. Ordering from Residence Hall Linens ensures that students will have sheets that will fit the extra-long twin beds on campus, and everything is guaranteed until graduation.

Salvation Army

Donation bins are located throughout our residential community to provide residents the opportunity to donate used items.

University Laundry

University Laundry provides pick-up and delivery services to students for their bundled laundry and dry cleaning needs.

On Campus Laundry:

Visit our laundry page for more information on our on-campus laundry facilities.

TV and Internet:

Please visit our TV and Internet page for information about our on-campus internet and television services.