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Housing Contract

Pepperdine Housing Contract Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made by and between Pepperdine Department of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) and (Legal Name (no nicknames); SID)

These Terms and Conditions are incorporated by reference into all housing contracts and are binding upon contract submission. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect until the end of the contract period, subject to the reservation of rights below. Fall contracts are binding through move-out at the end of the spring term. Spring and summer contracts are binding for that single academic term only. It is the responsibility of the student to retain a copy of these Housing Contract Terms and Conditions.

1. CHARGES: The student's account will be charged for room and/or board fees at the beginning of each semester. Limited housing is available during non-academic periods between semesters. Any student wishing to remain on-campus during these periods must obtain advanced approval from the HRL Office. Students are required to secure their own meals, as meal plans are not available. All students wishing to remain on-campus after the end of the contract period may be required to move.

2. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: 2.1 While the HRL Office will attempt to accommodate an individual's housing request, there is no guarantee that such accommodation will be made.
2.2 The University retains the right to reassign a student at any time when in the best interest of the residential community.
2.3 The University reserves the right to deny accommodations to any student whose conduct has been deemed by the University as unsuitable to community living as described in the student handbook. When invoking the reservation of this right, the University will provide the student with reasonable notice that the student's housing contract will not be recognized for any, or all, following semesters. Students who are required to live on-campus and who are dismissed from University housing may also be dismissed from Pepperdine University. Residents who are dismissed from University housing prior to the end of the contractual period will be responsible for any remaining monetary charges and will be ineligible for reimbursement.
2.4 Withdrawal from the university, graduation, marriage, military deployment, or acceptance to a Pepperdine International Program are the only accepted reasons for canceling this contract. The student must notify the HRL Office via their Pepperdine e-mail account of their intentions. Residents who withdraw from school must also notify the OneStop Office and officially check-out with the HRL Office.
2.5 Withdrawal will be based on the date all personal belongings have been removed, the key returned, and a walkthrough of the living area performed. Students who withdraw prior to the add/drop deadline will receive a full refund. After the add/drop deadline, only withdrawals for approved medical reasons will receive pro-ration of applicable room and/or board charges.
2.6 By submitting a housing contract you agree to and authorize the HRL Office to retrieve personal data including, but not limited to, GPA and number of completed units for purposes of determining housing eligibility.

3. ELIGIBILITY FOR UNIVERSITY HOUSING: 3.1 To be eligible to live in University housing during the academic year (fall and spring semesters), the student should be a full-time Pepperdine student during each semester of occupancy and be in good academic and financial standing. Students who are just below full-time status may request housing and may be assigned if space allows. Full-time students are given priority in the housing assignment process.
3.2 Students who fall below full-time status during their contract are still bound to the terms and conditions of the housing contract. To petition for a contract release, contact the HRL Office for a petition form. Students should be aware that contract releases are rarely granted.
3.3 All new undergraduate students are required to live in Pepperdine housing and carry a meal plan for four semesters. All new transfer undergraduate students entering as a junior are required to live on-campus for one semester. International Program housing counts towards the Pepperdine housing requirement. Summer or winter interim periods are not considered a semester due to the number of days involved. Since we only offer academic year contracts that cannot be broken mid-year, new juniors entering in fall would live on-campus for two (2) semesters and new freshmen starting in the spring semester would live on-campus for five (5) semesters.
3.4 Residents living on-campus for the fall term who do not complete their enrollment by the Spring enrollment deadline may not be eligible for on-campus housing. These residents may be required to remove all of their belongings and check-out with their RA before the holiday break.
3.5 Students wishing a residency exemption must submit a written petition to the HRL Office by the posted deadline each academic year. National and Pepperdine studies have shown that students who live on campus have higher grades, higher graduation rates, and higher satisfaction levels with their campus experience. Because we value students being in community so much, exemptions will be rare and for very special circumstances. The exemption petition must provide specific details on how the student's living situation will be more beneficial than the supportive and active environment of the Pepperdine community. After documentation has been submitted, the HRL Board of Review will carefully consider the petition. The appeal process is administered by the Associate Dean's Office.
3.6 A student who would like to request an exemption based on a disability or medical condition must work with the Office of Student Accessibility to obtain documentation which supports the exemption request.
3.7 The HRL Office does not have the expertise to evaluate financial aid, therefore exemptions are not made based on financial need.

4.1 Students required to live on-campus will be automatically bound by the terms and conditions of this contract as part of their student status.
4.2 Graduate students or undergraduates who have completed their housing residency requirement may submit a contract either in person or online. Once eligibility and availability is determined, a housing assignment as well as room and board charges will be assessed to your student account. If the University cannot provide housing for students due to space limitations or eligibility, the student will be notified via the student e-mail account.
4.3 In order to place students with compatible roommates and communities, we encourage all applicants to submit preference information such as lifestyle, roommate, and building options.
4.4 Confirmation of room assignments will be sent to Pepperdine e-mail accounts. The check-in date, which is the earliest date a student may take occupancy of a contracted room, may be found on the HRL website calendar. Students who are found occupying the room prior to their check-in date will be subject to a fine.
4.5 Students living in a double-occupancy room should expect to have a roommate. Students living in a double-occupancy room without a roommate should expect to be assigned a roommate at any time.
4.6 Students wishing to cancel their housing contract may submit a written petition by contacting the HRL Office. Releases will only be granted once occupancy is full in all areas and a waiting list has been established. Releases will be granted in date request order once waiting list students sign a contract.
4.7 Students who move off campus without approval from the HRL Office are responsible for the contracted room charges and, if applicable, board charges for the full contractual period.

5. RESIDENCE AND ROOM ASSIGNMENTS 5.1 The housing contract is for a space in University housing and not for a particular room or residence or type of housing. Assignment to a University residence or reassignment to a different residence is made only by the HRL Office. The University reserves the right to reassign residents to another room or residence at any time during the term of this agreement. Residents will be fined for changing residences without the advance and express permission of the HRL Office. Residents are expected to communicate with and to live cooperatively with roommate(s)/apartment-mate(s), to be respectful of differences, and to agree on living habits.
5.2 Meal Plans (A) Meal plan "B" is the minimum required plan for all students who live in the suite-style halls. Apartment residents may purchase a meal plan if they wish, or purchase Waves Cash to be used in any dining facility on campus. Students may increase their meal plan at any time. Students may decrease or cancel their meal plan through the last day of the Add/Drop period. Meal plan usage is not available outside of contract periods.
5.3 Authorized Occupancy Outside of Contract Dates (A) All of the provisions of this agreement remain in effect for students who obtain proper authorization for an early check-in or a late move-out date. Students who are authorized to check-in early or stay late are responsible for applicable early arrival or late departure fees.
5.4 Unauthorized Occupancy
(A) If a resident occupies a room or residence without authorization at any time outside of the contract dates (e.g., before the scheduled check-in date, after the scheduled termination of occupancy date, or after a resident's eligibility has ceased) the student will be charged an unauthorized occupancy fee for each day or portion thereof until the space is completely vacated. The room/apartment is not considered completely vacated until all of the belongings are removed and the key is returned. Residents may not remain as a guest in the room/apartment after move-out. Occupying a room or residence without authorization may also result in withdrawal of current and/or future housing privileges.
(B) Allowing a roommate or apartment-mate access to a room prior to the scheduled check-in date may also result in withdrawal of current and/or future housing privileges.
(C) Rooms are to be occupied only by the students who are assigned to that room, except in the case of guests. Guests must abide by all University regulations, receive approval from their hosts, and register through HRL. Out of respect for the room/apartment-mates, residents should host guests on a limited basis; guests may not occupy or use residential facilities for more than two consecutive nights, and no more than six nights per semester.
(D) The University reserves the right to refuse permission to house overnight guests. Guests are expected to abide by Federal, State and County laws. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests and for ensuring that guests abide by University rules and regulations.
5.5 University Access to Rooms (A) The University reserves the right to enter any room at the request of the occupant for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or repair. The University further reserves the right to enter a room at any time in cases of emergency and between semesters. A resident may not change any lock or place any additional locks on any door of their room or any other doors within the residence. In the event of an emergency or other exigent circumstance, the University may remove students' belongings for cleaning, repair, storage and/or protection. If the University official discovers that a room is unlocked, he/she will lock the room. Additionally, the University reserves the right to access a room upon reasonable suspicion of a violation of a law or University policy.
5.6 University behavioral policies (A) It is the responsibility of the resident to be familiar with all on-campus living policies which pertain to all living areas, including graduate housing. A full description of University and Residence Life policies can be found in either the Seaver Student Handbook or in the Graduate Housing Handbook. By submitting the housing contract, and/or room occupancy form, each resident student accepts responsibility for knowing and adhering to the regulations of the University. Violation of these policies will result in disciplinary action and can result in the loss of housing privileges. Any resident dismissed from housing will be responsible for the housing charges for the remainder of the contractual period. Any amendment of these terms shall be effective upon posing to the HRL website and e-mail notification to each resident.
5.7 University sponsored events (A) During an academic semester, when the University sponsors events that require the use of public areas such as suites and/or living areas to house visitors, students are expected to share public areas in accordance with the University's behavioral conduct policies. Suites, suite bathrooms, and lobbies are included in the above-mentioned public areas.
5.8 Entrepreneurial Enterprises (A) Student residences are provided in support of the educational mission of the University. They are not intended to serve as centers for private enterprise or personal profit in any form. Consequently, no business may operate out of or use as its base of support any room or residence.
5.9 Force Majeure (A) The University assumes no responsibility for failure to perform any terms or conditions of this contract due to circumstances beyond its control.
5.10 Renter's Insurance (A) The University does not carry insurance covering personal property. Therefore, residents are encouraged to obtain their own renter's insurance to cover personal property. The University is not liable and shall assume no responsibility for losses, damages, or injuries of any sort occurring to personally owned property, furniture, or resulting from equipment malfunction or failure, or of any cause whatsoever. The University shall assume no responsibility for theft, destruction, or loss of money, valuables or other personal property belonging to, or in the custody of, the resident for any cause whatsoever, whether such loss occurs in the resident's room, storage area or public areas.

6. DISPUTING CHARGES If a resident believes a housing or meal plan transaction has been posted to their account in error, they may submit a petition to the HRL Office. After researching the resident's inquiry, the HRL Office will contact the resident with the resolution. If a transaction has been posted to the account in error, a correction will be made to the account and any related late fees or finance charges will be reversed. If the charges were not posted in error, the resident will be responsible for any resulting late fees or finance charges on their student account.

7. CONSTRUCTION AND REFURBISHMENT University construction projects, such as refurbishment, new construction, or unforeseen repair, may cause increased noise around residences. Some construction work may begin during the academic year. By signing this agreement, the resident acknowledges that they have been advised of the potential for construction projects and they accept their housing assignment accordingly. The HRL Office will make every effort to inform the residents of any upcoming projects but cannot be responsible for delays in construction or refurbishment projects.

8. FACILITY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: A full list of facility policies and procedures can be found in the student handbook. It is not intended to be an exclusive list. Residents should recognize that their rooms are University property and therefore residents are not allowed to make modifications or additions to the residential facility. Violation of the facility policies may result in fines and/or disciplinary action or loss of housing privileges.
8.1 Resident Responsibility All residents are jointly responsible for the protection of the living area, its furnishings, and its equipment. When the University cannot identify the person(s) responsible for damages, residents will share in the payment for those damages, including charges for labor and materials. Charges for damages will be assessed as they occur throughout the semester and will appear on the student's financial account (minimum $5 charge). Disciplinary action will be taken when appropriate.
8.2 Move Out: Residents must follow specific procedures when officially moving out of a room. This information is distributed prior to move-outs and should be read carefully. Residents will be required to make move-out appointments with their Resident Advisor. HRL staff is available to answer any questions that may arise during this time. Each residence hall and apartment will be inspected by members of the University staff at move-out time. Facility conditions will be recorded and damage charges assessed in accordance with University policies. Students may be fined for improper or late move-out, such as leaving at unscheduled times, not signing paperwork, or failing to return room keys. Residents who leave their belongings in a room past their designated move-out time will be assessed a fine. The University is not responsible for any damage to or loss to left belongings.