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General Information

(Updated April 5, 2018)


The Priority Deadline for the Housing Waitlist is at 5 PM on Friday, April 6, 2018.

If you are interested in a particular residential area that is already full, please be sure to complete Step 9 (Waitlist) on your 2018-2019 Academic Year Housing Application to sign up on the Waitlist for that area.

Students are prioritized based on their responses to the waitlist questionnaire rather than being based on the time each student signed up for the waitlist.

While we cannot necessarily predict when spaces may open and become available to those on the waitlist, we can share that if we have a space for you, we will send an offer to your Pepperdine email address with a 48-hour expiration window. Offers will be sent on an individual basis. Check your Pepperdine email account consistently throughout the summer to avoid missing an offer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. 

 2018-2019 Housing Application Process

Step 1: Application

  • Monday, February 19 - Housing Portal Opens with 2018-2019 Academic Year Contract
  • Friday, March 16 - Priority Deadline for 2018-2019 Contracts and the deadline for selecting roommates.

Application: During the Application period, students are encouraged to log into the Housing Portal and submit a Housing Application by the priority deadline. After submitting the Housing Application, students are eligible to search for roommates and create roommate groups of two to four. A detailed walkthrough of the application process is available for download here: Housing Portal sign-up process (7.4MB PDF).

Step 2: Selection

A detailed walkthrough of the housing selection process is available for download here: Housing Portal Housing Selection Process (2.6MB PDF, updated March 21, 2018)

  • Monday, March 19 - Upperclassman Time Slots Assigned

  • Wednesday, March 21 - Upperclassman Housing Selection *
  • Monday, March 26 - Sophomore Time Slots Assigned
  • Wednesday, March 28 - Sophomore Housing Selection *

Selection: During the Housing Selection period, typically 2-3 weeks after the priority deadline, students will receive email notification when they (or a member of their group) can log back into the Housing Portal and self-select their housing assignments from available options. Once students self-select their assignments, their housing contracts are binding and that space immediately becomes their housing assignment for the selected term.

* These are the correct dates, there was a misprint in the bound Housing Guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I live in on-campus housing?

Any currently enrolled Pepperdine student is eligible to live in on-campus housing. Before the start of each school year, returning students can select their roommate and their room (within the living area that is appropriate for their gender and class year). All first-year students are required to live in on-campus housing for their first 4 semesters (summer housing does not apply).

When do I sign up for housing for the academic year?

Current students may enter the Housing Portal to sign the Housing Application. Check your Pepperdine email account regularly for information and deadlines. New incoming students will be assigned a room and will not select their own housing.

Fall Semester Room Reservation Process

All students who are enrolled in classes and have completed the Housing Application will be assigned a login time slot to select a room space.

Priority Deadline

The Priority Deadline serves as the last day to form roommate groups (two to four students) and qualify for a priority time-slot. After this deadline, any additions to or retractions from a roommate group are not permitted. In order to receive a priority login time slot, the following requirements must be met:

  • Students must be enrolled in Fall classes.
  • Students must complete the Housing Application by the Priority Deadline.

Student contracts submitted after the Priority Deadline will receive a time slot after students with priority.

Undergraduate Student Cancellation fees

Undergraduate students who cancel their contract on or before the following dates will be charged these fines:

  • Upon room reservation $250
  • May 1: $500
  • June 1: $600
  • July 1: $700
  • August 1: $800
  • August 28: $900
  • No-show: $900

How do I select my room?

  • The housing selection process can be completed in the Housing Portal online.
  • To find roommates and create roommate groups (two to four students), please read the Roommates page.

What happens if my preferred area is full before I select a space?

For students who do not secure housing on Selection Day, they can register for the waitlist in the Housing Portal. All waitlist applicants will be considered for placement in rooms on an individual basis.

How does an Office of Student Accessibility accommodation impact my housing selection?

All current students with approved housing accommodations must annually renew and update their accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA). Deadline to complete registration with the OSA or renew existing accommodations is March 1.

How do I select a meal plan?

Meal plan requirements correspond with living areas, you will be able to select a meal plan after your room has been selected. In general, suite-style housing requires a meal plan. Apartments with in-unit kitchens do not require a meal plan.


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to verify and ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this website. The information contained on this website may be changed at any time without prior notification.



Questions? Please contact:
Housing and Residence Life
Phone (310) 506-7586