Roommate Groups

Create a new Roommate Group

To create a new group, simply select the relevant link on the Roommate Groups step and then specify a group name and a password.

Roommate Groups - Create Group


Once the group is created successfully, it will be displayed on the Roommate Group page. As other students are added to the group, they will be listed on the Roommate Groups page.

Roommate Groups - Members


 Add a student to a Roommate Group

All group members are able to add other roommates by using the "Search for roommate by details". When the group is complete, the group will need to be verified before lottery appointments are generated.  Groups may not exceed four (4) members.

Roommate Groups - Add Member


Join Roommate Group 

For students who are already aware of a Roommate Group being formed that they want to join, they can use the Add yourself to a Group option to search for an existing group. This is generally done when students have already organized themselves into a group and already know the specific group name and password.

Roommate Groups Main


Roommate Groups Join


Verify a Roommate Group

The Roommate Group can be verified by selecting the "Verify Group" option. Once verified, lottery appointments are generated for the group.

Roommate Groups - Verify Group



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