Creating Roommate Groups

First-year students are allowed to create roommate groups of up to 4 people - a roommate and two suitemates. For a step-by-step guide on how to do so please read below:

Beginning the Process

This is what the roommate grouping process looks like when you first begin in the Housing Portal. Please note that you must be the Group Leader in order to add to your group. Non-group leaders will not have access to the same processes.


first step of roommate grouping process

In order to build your group of up to four, you have one of two options: 

  1. Add individuals (who are not in a group) by searching for their details/screen name 
  2. Merge groups with a pre-existing group by searching for their details, to create a single group of 3 or 4
    1. Please plan to use the merge groups function, as you will not be able to individually request all members in a pre-existing group.

We suspect that most of you will need to merge groups. 

Merge Groups: Roommate Search

To merge groups, please click on "Search for Roommates by Details" and search for the leader of the group you would like to merge with. As you can see below, after searching for the group leader by screen name, their profile will pop up with the option to "merge group". 

roommate group process step 2

Merge Group Request Sent

After clicking the button to "merge group", you will see that your request has been sent to the other group leader (as shown below). At this point, the other group leader must now go in and accept the request to merge groups.

Please note that once the other group leader accepts the request to merge groups, they will transfer their "group leader" status over to you. 

roommate group process step 3

Merge Group Request Received

This is what the request should look like on the other end once it has been sent. Please make sure that the request is accepted before moving on to the next step in the process. Once the request is accepted, the other group leader will have transferred their "group leader" status to you. 

roommate group process step 4

Roommate Group Order

Please make sure that the order in which your roommate group is listed is correct, as this will determine the roommate pairs. Only the group leader will be able to make changes to the roommate group order by using the arrows to rearrange the members of a group. 

The first two slots are one roommate pair (Willie and Waves01) and the last two slots are a second roommate pair (Waves02 and Waves03), for a roommate group of up to four. You may also have a group of 3 people, and our office will assign that third person a roommate. 

In the example below, Willie and Waves01 are roommates. Their suitemates are Waves02 and Waves03 (who are also roommates). If Willie wanted to be roommates with Waves03 instead, the group leader must use the arrows to move Willie down to one of the last two slots, rearranging the order of the whole group.

roommate group order

You're all set! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Housing Office and we will be glad to assist you.