Policies and Procedures


Pepperdine requires that all new undergraduate students live on campus for a period of time. Please read the details of our Residency Requirement below, found in section 3.3 of our Housing Contract. To apply for an exemption, please visit our Residency Requirement page.

3.3 All new undergraduate students are required to live in Pepperdine housing and carry a meal plan for four (4) semesters. All new transfer undergraduate students entering as a junior are required to live on-campus for one semester. International Program housing counts towards the Pepperdine housing requirement. Summer or winter interim periods are not considered a semester due to the number of days involved. Since we only offer academic year contracts that cannot be broken mid-year, new juniors entering in fall would live on-campus for two (2) semesters and new freshmen starting in the spring semester would live on-campus for five (5) semesters.