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Winter Interim Housing

December 17 - January 8

Those wishing to remain on campus for any portion of the winter break must submit the Winter Interim housing application through the Housing Portal which is now live. The deadline to submit Winter Interim housing applications is December 16 at 5 PM. The only exception is for GBS and SPP students, who must submit the Winter Interim housing application by December 9 at 5 PM.

Undergraduate Residents

The Winter Interim contract carries a flat rate of $1,650 for the interim period. Please note that the fee is flat regardless of how many nights you stay during the winter break.

Students who are not planning on staying over the winter interim must check out of their housing within 24 hours of their last final exam or before 9 AM on Friday, December 17 for winter break.

Students living in the same location for the spring semester may leave any belongings that they will not need access to in their rooms during the Winter Interim Period. Please note that card access to your space will be deactivated for the full Winter Interim period. Please plan to take everything with you that you may need (passports, medication, etc.) as access will not be granted.

Students who are graduating, going abroad, or otherwise not returning for the Spring 2022 semester must completely empty their spaces by 9 AM on Friday, December 17.

Graduate Residents

Please note, there is no additional cost associated with staying on campus during the winter break for graduate residents. However, having an accurate headcount of those students on campus during the winter break will enable HRL to provide the best service possible in case of an extended power outage or an emergency. Additionally, having an accurate headcount will enable our office to notify residents about scheduled programming and building maintenance projects. As such, please be sure to submit the Winter Interim housing application if you plan to stay on campus for any portion of the break. Students who do not fill out the Winter Interm housing application will have their card access revoked during the winter interim.