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At-Home Resources

We understand that balancing work, family, and your own personal life can be difficult. To better assist in this delicate balance, we are providing at-home videos geared towards children that were created specifically by Pepperdine community members. Additionally, we are providing meditations and other mindfulness exercises to aid in your everyday life. We have also added a section devoted to aiding those who are remote workers. Our Benefits community site also has additional resources for at-home children.

At-Home Child Activity Videos


Curated by one of our own business school professors, Darren Good has hand-crafted multiple meditation recordings to aid you and your family in finding a time to slow down and be mindful of your body's stress and needs.

Spiritual Mindfulness

Remote Volunteering Opportunity

  • Support the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging by writing spirited letters of support to older adults living alone in the area. Read more here.

Wellness Tips for the Remote Worker

At-Your-Desk Yoga

This section encompasses a growing collection of yoga exercises that you can do at your desk, at home, solo, or with your family. These videos have been provided by Cecily Breeding who is a double alumna of Pepperdine University (B.A. 2010, M.A. 2018) and teaches yoga and strength training in Pepperdine's Campus Recreation program. If you would like to view additional videos created by Cecily, please view the Pepperdine Campus Recreation program's YouTube channel.

Shoulder Stretching with a Strap

Got tight shoulders? Here's a sequence of stretches and rotations that will get your shoulders mobilized through their full range of motion. ** You'll need to locate a strap of some sort (any 2-3 foot length of material will do, such as a belt, yoga strap, or dog leash)

Been Sitting too Long?

This sequence is ideal for you if you're feeling sore from sitting with poor posture. We'll take our time gently mobilizing the neck, shoulders, upper back, and hips. You might notice that you feel taller afterward!

Sun Salutations

Start slow with breathing and spinal movement, then work your way into a series of gentle vinyasa-style sun salutations, linking breathing with total body movement.

Warrior Sequence

Pair this practice as an add-on to the Sun Salutations video, or dive right in with this moderately energetic standing warrior sequence.

Spinal Mobility

Tight neck or back? Here's a slow and intentional practice that moves your neck and spine in all three movement planes: lateral, frontal, and transverse/rotation. This slower sequence will unwind your spinal tension in the middle or end of the workday or pairs well after the Sun Salutations video, or before or after the Warrior Sequence video.