Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission Form

Employees, please use this form to request the Faculty/Staff tuition benefit once per term. The Financial Assistance Office will review the request and the discount amount will be adjusted if the student adds or drops units, or if eligibility changes.

Please note that the Graduate Tuition Remission benefit is taxable! This will most likely increase your taxes withheld and decrease your net pay. Consult your tax advisor or the Payroll Department for information on how this might affect you.

In order to be eligible for tuition benefits, the student must be in one of the following categories:

  • A regular full-time member of the faculty who has been assigned a full load of teaching or equivalent service during two or more trimesters/semesters of the academic year
  • A regular full-time staff member who is continuously employed in a regular full-time position requiring at least forty (40) hours of work per week
  • The spouse of any of the above
  • A dependent son or daughter of any of the above, who is 25 years of age or younger. The child of an eligible employee will be considered a dependent when he or she is considered a dependent for federal income tax purposes

Please read the Faculty and Staff Tuition Benefit Policy for full information.

Please do not enter a request for your dependent until he/she has been admitted and receives a CWID. If you would like to inquire about eligibility, please contact Carla Anderson in Human Resources.

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By submitting this form, both student and employee certify that they have read, agreed, and understood the terms and conditions of the Faculty Staff Tuition Benefit Policy. Furthermore, both student and employee understand that if the benefit is applied incorrectly, the student will be responsible for all outstanding charges to the account regarding these adjustments. Questions regarding this benefit can be answered by Human Resources.

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