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New Insurance Carriers in 2024

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2024 represents a landmark year for open enrollment, in that Pepperdine is offering a new line-up of insurance carriers to continue offering competitive, comprehensive healthcare coverage. The University will still offer an HMO option through Kaiser Permanente. The University will replace current Anthem plans with two HMO options and a high deductible plan through Aetna.

While we recognize concerns can arise in such transitions of medical insurance, Pepperdine is well positioned to help employees enroll in excellent healthcare coverage. Human Resources has compiled detailed information and intuitive resources to equip you to select the best coverage for your family. We are ready to assist you!



Pepperdine Covers Employee Medical Premium Costs in January 2024

To help with the transition and to further invest in employees’ healthcare, the University will cover 100% of all medical premiums – whether employees elect single or family coverage – for the month of January 2024. For this month, employees will not have any money deducted from their paychecks to cover the employee portion of healthcare costs.



Why Pepperdine is Changing Medical Insurance Carriers

Pepperdine experienced challenges with Anthem, including a large rate increase, a reduction in services, a lack of transparency in reporting, and poor customer service. These issues created inadequate coverage for faculty and staff, leading to a request for proposal (RFP) to hold insurance carriers accountable for good service and the ultimate decision to offer Aetna. To learn more, please read the statement or watch the video outlining the medical insurance renewal process below.




What are My Healthcare Choices?

The University is offering HMO options through both Kaiser Permanente and Aetna, along with a high deductible plan through Aetna. Please view the plan comparisons chart to compare monthly premium amounts, coverage details, and out-of-pocket expenses for each plan option.



How Do I Decide Which Coverage is Right for Me?

A new line-up of insurance carriers provides an opportunity to reassess your needs and choose the best medical plan. Your priorities – such as coverage, cost, keeping your current doctor, or ensuring treatment continuity – will help determine which plan will best serve your family. Review the plan comparisons in the Benefits Guide, and watch recorded information sessions to gain all the information you need.




What is Covered by Aetna?

Because of the transition from Anthem, there will be questions about whether employees’ preferred doctors, facilities, and pharmacy needs are covered in Aetna’s network. Please follow simple instructions to check Aetna’s In-Network Providers to determine appropriate coverage. Additionally, review a summary chart of how current Anthem plans compare to the 2024 Aetna plans.



Step-by-Step Guide to Open Enrollment: Employee Actions

Everyone must complete Open Enrollment to receive medical insurance in 2024; elections from previous years will not carry over. Because the coverage for the University is changing from Anthem to Aetna, it is important for all employees to choose the healthcare option that is best for them and to prepare for a transition in coverage. Please review the Employee Checklists that outline actions you should take:

  • Before Open Enrollment (prior to October 30)
  • During Open Enrollment (October 30 - November 13)
  • After Open Enrollment (November 14 - December 31)



Getting Questions Answered

From ways in which coverage is changing to how to transition medical care, there are many questions related to Open Enrollment. We want to ensure you receive all the information you need, and please find answers to your questions in several ways:



Webinars, Town Halls, and Information Sessions

There are multiple venues for employees to learn information and ask questions about healthcare options. Please view the event details for the recording of these meetings:

  • Webinar: Get to Know Kaiser Permanente
  • Webinar: Get to Know Aetna
  • Virtual Town Hall: Hosted by Nicolle Taylor, Vice President and Chief Business Officer