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Step-By-Step Guide To Open Enrollment

Participating in Open Enrollment (October 30 - November 13) is required for medical, dental, vision, and voluntary benefits coverage in 2024. Previous coverage and dependent selections will not carry over to 2024.


Before Open Enrollment  (prior to October 30)

☐  Assess your driving healthcare needs.

Determine the driving factor for selecting your medical plan for the year ahead, such as coverage, keeping your current doctor, maintaining continuity with ongoing treatments, cost, etc.

☐  Review 2024 healthcare options.

Pepperdine is offering an HMO plan through Kaiser Permanente, as well as two HMO plans and a high deductible plan through Aetna. The Benefits Guide shows the monthly premium amounts, coverage details, and out-of-pocket expenses for each plan option. 

☐  Consider how continuing ongoing treatment will affect your decision.

If you or a family member are receiving treatment for an ongoing medical need, check to see if your doctors, facilities, medications, and pharmacy are covered with Aetna. Please utilize resources to assist you, including the What is Covered by Aetna page.

Determine if your doctors, facilities, pharmacies, and medications are covered with Aetna, if applicable.

You can verify which plans include your current doctors (including primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, medical facilities, and hospitals), facilities, hospitals, preferred pharmacies, and prescription drugs by following the instructions listed in the What is Covered by Aetna.

☐  Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Find answers to common questions related to benefits generally, as well as specific questions related to the transition from Anthem to Aetna. Topics include how coverage is changing in 2024, how to ensure treatment continuation when transitioning insurance, and what options are available to employees living outside of California.

☐  Ask a question.

Email the Human Resources team at to receive a timely response to your Open Enrollment inquiry.

☐  Participate in Upcoming Events.

In the coming weeks, Human Resources will host several information events, including a virtual town hall, introductory webinars for Aetna and Kaiser Permanente, and information sessions across many campus locations.



During Open Enrollment  (October 30 - November 13)

PLEASE NOTE: Open Enrollment will close at 9 PM (PST) on November 13. If you do not elect coverage during the Open Enrollment period, you will default into “waived” coverage for all medical, dental, vision, and voluntary plan options (meaning you will not have coverage in 2024). Your coverage selections from this year will not automatically carry over to next year.

 Enroll in your benefits online at

Be sure to select all desired plans (medical, dental, vision, and voluntary) and dependents for coverage in 2024. 



After Open Enrollment  (November 14 - December 31)

If you stayed with your current insurance carrier (Kaiser Permanente) for 2024 coverage, your Open Enrollment process is complete. No further action is required. Everyone else should review each task below and take the necessary action on or after November 14.

☐  Inform your current doctor(s) that your health insurance is changing on January 1, 2024.

Provide your doctor's office(s) with your 2024 medical group number and member ID, which is located on the front of your member card. These cards will be mailed in mid-December to your home address. 

☐  Minimize disruption with current prescription medications.

If you have ongoing pharmacy prescription needs that may require new pre-authorization, request your doctor submit a 60- or 90-day supply of your pharmacy prescription(s) ahead of January 1, 2024 to ensure you will not be impacted by potential delays. If you are currently taking a prescription that will no longer be covered by your medical plan in 2024, consider talking to your current doctor about alternative prescription(s) that are covered under your 2024 insurance. If alternative medication is not possible, review the “Next Steps” information below and take action.

Next Steps:  Pharmacy Continuation with Aetna

Next Steps:  Pharmacy Continuation with Kaiser Permanente

☐  Ensure there is continuity with existing medical treatments.

If you are currently in an active course of treatment for surgery, pregnancy, or terminal illness, and you elected a new medical carrier for 2024, please review the “Next Steps” information below and take action.

Next Steps:  Transition / Continuity of Care with Aetna

Next Steps:  Transition / Continuity of Care with Kaiser Permanente