Data Security Skills

Thanks for attending our Data Security Skills Course! We trust it was both informative and entertaining. Please review these top 5 take-a-way concepts from our course:


If you know these 5 take-a-ways and act accordingly, you are helping to preserve trust in the University and protect our students.

Don't Re-use Your Passwords

· Have unique passwords for each organization
· Don't use Pepperdine passwords for other organizations

Longer Passwords are Stronger

· 2-4 word phrases are easier to type and remember
· Phrases are also very hard to hack

Update all Your Software to Avoid Infection

· Antivirus and being careful can't protect you from infection
· Visit to update your software

Expect to be the Target of Phishing

· Copy/paste addresses instead of clicking links
· Safe pages to submit information fit this pattern:

Physical Theft is Data Theft

· Use locked doors and security cables to deter theft
· PGP encrypt disks that have restricted information (SSN, CCN, HIPAA...)

The expanded version of these tips is available at Kim Cary's CISO blog - . Visit to get more helpful security tips.


Many people enjoyed our live hacking demonstration - it showed attendees that you don't need to click to get infected, just visit a site with your out-of-date software. Important reminder: Don't try out hacking on Pepperdine University networks or computers. It is against University policy and could have disastrous consequences technically and professionally.