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Reminder: COVID-19 Reporting Guidelines and Face Coverings

One of our community’s greatest strengths is how well we take care of one another. As more of our students, faculty, and staff begin to return to campus, we have the opportunity to demonstrate this care through our understanding of and adherence to the University’s COVID-19 protocols. This shared responsibility also helps the University to comply with Los Angeles County mandates and is critical to ensuring the University’s successful reopening.

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A Special Message from Human Resources

As members of the Pepperdine community, we are charged with maintaining the standards of the University. We are all responsible for practicing integrity, honesty, and fairness in our daily work. As a Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ, Pepperdine treats everyone with the respect and kindness that we have been called to show one another.

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Readiness to Return to Campus

As case rates continue to drop, the University will be permitted to offer increasing on-campus student services, creating a need for the corresponding physical presence of more employees on its campuses.

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With Gratitude

We often say that the extraordinary people who comprise our community make Pepperdine special. That is always true, but perhaps exceedingly apparent in this time of displacement.