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Faculty Onboarding

Onboarding Checklist:

To ensure our faculty community is onboarded as smoothly as possible, please ensure that the next steps are completed within the specified timeframes.

  • Complete the Faculty New Hire Packet
  • Initiate your background screening with HireRight
  • Complete your I-9 verification
    • Human Resources will coordinate the steps to help complete your I-9

Once you have completed the above steps, please familiarize yourself with the below information regarding your campus access and resources.

WaveNet Portal Access:

WaveNet is our portal to access various Pepperdine systems. From WaveNet, you will be able to access PeopleSoft (Pepperdine's software system used to manage online academic processes), Kronos (our timekeeping system), Sakai, library systems, and others.

When your hiring process is complete, you will be able to log into Pepperdine's WaveNet portal at wavenet.pepperdine.edu using your Network ID and established password. Faculty will be able to log into WaveNet the first day stated on their contract. There should be sufficient time built in at the beginning and end of the contract period to take care of all matters related to classes.

Pepperdine Email:

To confirm your Pepperdine email, you MUST send the Office Manager an email from your Pepperdine account as soon as you receive an email titled, "Regarding New Hire - NAME." Send to [insert appropriate email].

Your Pepperdine email is the only email address approved, and to be used, for Pepperdine business communications. We will list your non-Pepperdine email on our emergency contact sheet for emergencies ONLY. Please use your Pepperdine email for all business communications.


Stay informed of your roles, responsibilities and rights as an adjunct faculty member via the University, school, and department manuals, handbooks, policies and procedures, as revised from time to time The University's manual can be found at the following link: University Policy Manual at https://community.pepperdine.edu/hr/policies/policymanual.htm (note that you are considered a non-exempt employee). Please contact Human Resources at 310-506-4397, or humanresources@pepperdine.edu, with any questions regarding policies and procedures.

Kronos Timekeeping for Adjuncts:

Pepperdine uses an online time management system known as Kronos for you to keep accurate track of your hours worked, which serve as the basis to determine your pay. You are required to accurately report all of your working hours on a daily basis using Kronos. This includes your time in and out for the workday and any meal periods. A Kronos guide is available online at the following link: https://community.pepperdine.edu/finance/payroll/kronosguides.htm.

Please know that your contract dates and hours take into account preparation time before classes start, grading time after classes end, and all time in between (e.g., creation of syllabi, classroom instruction/field supervision, assessment/grading, academic counseling/office hours, mandatory sexual harassment training, meetings, etc.). Though hours may vary somewhat from week to week, the total number of hours worked on a weekly basis should approximate the estimated number of hours listed in your contract. Total actual compensation is based on the actual hours worked and recorded in Kronos; however, and it is your responsibility to accurately record all hours of work in Kronos.

You are not expected to, nor should you, perform any work before your contract start date or after your contract end date. You must obtain prior written authorization from the chair, division head, or dean to perform any work prior to the contract start date, after the end date, or that exceeds (a) the total number of weekly budgeted hours, (b) eight hours in any given day, (c) forty hours in any given week or (d) seven consecutive days in one workweek.

All such additional hours will be compensated in accordance with applicable law. Note, however, that the University has carefully considered the amount of time typically required to perform services under your contract and believes that such requests will not be necessary.

You will be paid bi-weekly in accordance with a schedule established by the University, which can be found at the following link: https://community.pepperdine.edu/finance/payroll/payschedule.htm. All such payments are subject to withholdings and deductions as required by law or authorized by you.

As mentioned, submitting your Kronos hours on time is your responsibility. Although you should not, if, for some reason, you miss the biweekly 8:00 AM approval deadline, you will need to complete a digital (E-Sign) hand timesheet that will be processed. Please contact Human Resources for details.

For additional information related to timekeeping, please review Human Resources' Employment Compliance powerpoint. https://community.pepperdine.edu/hr/content/forms/employment-compliance-612020.pdf

University Benefits

Although Pepperdine Part-Time Faculty members are not eligible for University benefits, they are however eligible to accrue sick time under California employment law.

Meal and Rest Period Policy:

Should there be an occasion when a faculty member like you works more than five hours on a given day, the University provides you with, and University policy requires that you take an unpaid, duty-free meal period of at least 30 minutes by no later than the end of your fifth hour of work. If you work no more than six hours on that day, you may elect to waive this meal period. Meal period waivers may be withdrawn at any time by notifying Human Resources in writing.

On days that you work at least 3.5 hours, you are also permitted and authorized to take a 15-minute, paid, duty- free rest period during each four-hour segment of work or major fraction thereof. To the extent practical, rest periods should be taken at the midway point of every four-hour segment of work or major fraction thereof. Because rest periods are paid time, you do not clock in and out for them.

Both meal and rest periods are duty-free and may be taken wherever you wish. Meal and rest periods are your time. You are not required or expected to remain available to students or others at the University during these periods or to respond to phone calls, voicemail messages, email, texts, or other messaging devices or messages.

For additional information, please view the "Meal and Rest Period Policy" for Part-Time Faculty within the Resources section of the Faculty Onboarding tab.

Sexual Harassment Training:

Sexual harassment prevention education/training program is required every two years.

The training is generally required on site but may take place via other forums as determined by Pepperdine. Details will be shared with you from Human Resources. Note that you are to record your time spent on this training in Kronos. Please print out your certificate of completion and turn it into the Office Manager or Program Administrator of your department.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 provides certain rights to students concerning the privacy of their educational records. Review the provisions of law from the AACRAO Online Practical Guide, by clicking the link below: http://www.pepperdine.edu/registrar/policies/.

Summary of FERPA Notifications - Students shall have the right of access to their educational records, and educational institutions shall not release educational records to non-school employees without the consent of the student, subject to the exceptions provided by law. This would include former students and exclude applicants who have not attended Pepperdine. Student information may be released with specific written consent from the student (or as otherwise permitted by narrow legal exceptions). This written consent must be processed by the student through Academic Advising. To find out if a student has given their consent, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 310-506-7999.

You may not share educational information with non-school employees or other department's non-major faculty until you can verify consent given by the student through Academic Advising.


Adjunct faculty may park in the "B" lots: CCB, School of Law, Theme Tower, or on gray curbs. If you are carpooling, you may park in designated carpool areas. In order to park on campus, you will need to obtain a parking decal. Parking decals are good for one academic year and are typically requested in August.

You can request/renew parking decals by logging onto https://www.pepperdine.edu/publicsafety/parking/.

Follow the directions to register your vehicle. You will need your campus-wide identification number (campus-wide ID), your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN ID number), and your vehicle license plate number.

For your convenience, Pepperdine has a shuttle system that runs throughout the Malibu campus. Please review the following link to Pepperdine's on-campus shuttle schedule: http://services.pepperdine.edu/businessservices/transit/schedule.htm (Please note that the shuttle times are sometimes inconsistent.).

All vehicles on campus, including motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, must be properly registered with Pepperdine University and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Compliance with the registration process includes: the proper display of a campus parking permit, possession of a valid driver's license, proof of auto insurance, and current DMV registration tags on the vehicle.

University registration may be completed on the Public Safety website or by visiting the Public Safety office during regular business hours. Registration requires an email address, vehicle information, and a mailing address. Currently, there is no charge for on campus vehicle registration.

To order a parking permit, have your vehicle information ready and follow these instructions:


  1. In the "BUY PERMITS" section, click where it indicates "Click Here."
  2. Enter your last name and Campus Wide ID Number where prompted (The 8 digit CWID number may be located on the front or back of your Pepperdine ID Card and also when you log into Wavenet).
  3. Choose the permit you would like to acquire and click "Add Item." If you do not know what permit you should select, please contact the Department of Public Safety at extension x4700 for assistance.
  4. Review your order and if everything is correct, click "Proceed to Checkout." If you'd like to add another permit to your order, click "Add More Permits."
  5. If you've never registered before, click "Create New Account."
  6. Enter all required personal information and click "Create Account."
  7. Under the "Permit Information" section, click the drop down menu and select "Add New Vehicle."
  8. Enter your vehicle information (Please note: the VIN number is only required if license plate data is unavailable).
  9. Click "Add."
  10. Under "Additional information is required for your purchase," enter your last name and your Campus Wide ID Number. Students will enter their CWID numbers twice. Faculty/Staff will not enter their CWID in the designation marked "Campus Wide ID Number (Students Only)."
  11. Click "Continue."
  12. Under "Delivery Options," if you would like to choose a different address to send your permit, click "Additional Address," and fill out the address information. Otherwise, click "Continue."
  13. Read the "Terms and Conditions" and click "I agree."
  14. The following screen will provide you with an order number. You may print this for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation when your order has been approved and shipped.
  15. Once approved, you will be able to print out a temporary permit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Safety at 310-506-4700.

Keys/Card Swipe Access:

Access will be provided to you on a timely basis. If you have any questions, please contact: Michael Landis at 310-506-7346.

Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae:

  1. Submit the listed items no later than [insert date] via email to [insert appropriate person].

    2. An electronic copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

Academic Schedule:

The academic schedule can be found on the Pepperdine Community website. Best practice to search for your school's academic calendar.

Photocopy/AV Services:

The Office Manager or Program Administrator in your department will give you photocopy access once you are hired. Please see the office staff regarding photocopy usage. You will need your CWID for this training. Please contact the Technology liaison for assistance with any AV or equipment needs. Contact information is listed below.

It is your responsibility to follow current copyright laws.

Faculty Mailboxes:

A faculty mailbox will be designated to you. Check your faculty mailbox and empty it weekly. Mail will be placed in the slot above your name. Please refer to your Office Manager for your mailbox location.


Locate your classroom(s). A campus map can be found at the following link: https://map.pepperdine.edu/. If you need a different location to accommodate your teaching needs, do not change classrooms on your own; please check with your department to request a location change. Should there be any need to reserve a room outside of the designated class times, as applicable, please contact your Office Manager.


Thank you in advance for your service. Please know that you are a valuable part of our academic programs at Pepperdine, and our community is standing by to assist you.

For technology assistance, please contact the Anytime Support team at 310-506-4329.

For Human Resources assistance, please contact 310-506-4397, or humanresources@pepperdine.edu.

For assistance with any other matter, please contact your appropriate Office Manager.