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As a supervisor, you wear multiple hats in the workplace. You serve as a manager, a leader, and a mentor. You have the incredible opportunity to lead your employees to success, as individuals and as a team.

In this role, you may face challenges such as dealing with difficult employees, or addressing performance and behavior related issues. These situations can be stressful and uncomfortable and the natural responses can range from taking strict control, to avoiding the situation altogether which can make the situation worse. How can you manage this in a positive and effective way that inspires growth and change?

This workshop will provide you with practical techniques to help your staff members overcome challenges in a timely way that is meaningful and sustainable and will ultimately lead to individual and team success.

Participants will learn how to resolve small issues before they become big problems; address issues in a way that is not confrontational or accusatory; show employees respect by listening to their insight and concerns; and help employees help themselves.

Employee Coaching Techniques