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Employment Exception Request

Under the University's COVID-19 Expense Optimization Measures, hiring and employment changes are restricted. In order to streamline extraordinary exception requests and assist you with gathering necessary details, Human Resources is pleased to provide the following online forms:


Before filling out these forms, please ensure you have employment details (such as position numbers, department IDs, work locations, and position descriptions), explanation of funding sources, and thorough rationale for the exception request available.


Exception Review Process

Each week, requests are reviewed by a University leadership panel, which then makes recommendations to the President, who is the final approver. Once a decision is reached, Human Resources will notify the request originator immediately, assisting with next steps as needed.

All requests for an extraordinary exception must have the approval of your Vice President or Dean and Major Area Budget Manager, and should meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • The new hire or staff change will minimize a compliance risk for the University.
  • The new hire or staff change will prevent business disruption, in which established University goals would be jeopardized.
  • The new hire or staff change will significantly increase the level of service to our community (particularly students and donors).

If a request is incomplete or insufficient detail has been provided at the time the panel convenes, Human Resources will hold the request for review the following week. Requests are reviewed according to the order in which they are received and their level of urgency. Depending on the volume of requests, review may be delayed until the following week.



Human Resources remains committed to helping you navigate your staffing needs during this challenging time. Please call 310.506.4397 if you have any questions.