Employment Toolkit

About the Session

Human Resources facilitated an important compliance discussion that helped managers and supervisors understand basic legal requirements of employment including:

  • Day-to-Day Supervisor Issues
  • California Wage and Hour Rules
  • Keeping Proper Time Records
  • Immigration and I-9 Work Authorization Requirements

The  following questions regarding the classification of employees were also answered:

  • When can an employee be classified exempt (monthly) instead of non-exempt (hourly)? 
  • When is it appropriate to hire a consultant or independent contractor?
  • When is it acceptable to utilize the service of a volunteer?

Resources and Materials

Video on iTunes U

Please visit Pepperdine University's iTunes U page to view the video of the Summer 2011 training session.

  • https://itunesu.pepperdine.edu
  • Use University login information to sign-in to the University Access tab.
  • From the University's iTunes U home page, click on the People and Events section.
  • Then click the Faculty and Staff Events section.
  • Click on the Employment Toolkit file to view the video.