On-Boarding Kit

Please review the On-Boarding Kit here.

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Templates for responding to Applicants

At Pepperdine, employees are not only called to perform a job function but to sustain a culture committed to serving students and preparing the next generation of leaders at the University.

Human Resources is pleased to present a comprehensive guide to help supervisors attract, interview, hire, and on-board the right people who will contribute to and comprise the Pepperdine community of the future.

The following items may be found in the On-Boarding Kit:

  • A guide to writing effective and accurate job descriptions
  • A list of best practices to follow when conducting an interview
  • A telephone interview guide
  • Sample interview questions categorized by job function
  • An Interview Guide listing appropriate and compliant questions to pose during the interview process
  • A checklist of important items for supervisors to convey to new employees prior to, during, and after an employee's first week on the job

The On-Boarding Kit serves as a resource to help identify and communicate expectations for both supervisors and employees during the hiring and on-boarding process.

In that Pepperdine places such emphasis on community, special effort must be made when selecting and acclimating new members of the University. Human Resources seeks to assist supervisors as they make changes to better strengthen students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.