Portfolio: Annual Report

The Annual Report is a flagship communication of Pepperdine University, produced each year to share key financial information with University stakeholders and articulate achievements and progress at the institution.


Our goal was to convey the strength and health of the institution and its deep, ongoing commitment to mission. To do so, we leveraged a creative theme of cultivating trees from seedling to tall, mature stands of redwoods-illustrating the connection between the growth and innovation taking place at the university and the secure foundation of our mission that supports it. We aimed to:

  • Elevate messages from the president and chair of the board of Regents and provide a platform for the president to explore the changes and challenges of higher education today
  • Provide narrative and graphical representations of the university's financial health
  • Share key highlights from the past year at Pepperdine University
  • Publish the report's content not only in printed book but also online in a dedicated website
  • Extend the report's reach and engage new audiences through a e-communications, postcard, social media, and on-campus digital signage campaign directing readers to the website:

http://www.pepperdine.edu/annualreports/2013annual report cover

Annual Report

Annual Report