Portfolio: Seaver Viewbook

The Seaver College Viewbook is the primary, tactile recruitment tool used in reaching prospective students and parents in their consideration of college choice.


The new 2013 viewbook aims to positively influence the value judgments prospective students and parents are making about enrollment at Pepperdine's Seaver College. For this flagship recruitment piece, we sought focus the visuals and messaging to better align and meet the expectations and needs of the prospective student and his or her family. The piece is meant to reflect the brand and ultimately utilizes high-quality materials to evoke the high-quality, hands-on, high-touch experience they will find at Pepperdine.


The Office of Admissions uses print materials to communicate compelling reasons why prospective students should ultimately apply to Pepperdine. Recent findings have revealed that prospective students are seeking a different experience. They are using print materials to make values-based judgments about their potential experience at Pepperdine, specifically: facts, figures, and data, all relevant to them–easy to find, and simple to digest.

  • Showcase success stories resulting from a Seaver College education
  • Spotlight key differentiators of the Seaver College educational process by use of infographics
  • Develop a bright, clean, contemporary look to the book
  • Describe the return on investment gained by Seaver College students
  • Demonstrate evidence of the university's mission statement
  • Provide a platform for inspiring messages directed at prospective students
  • Carry the creative direction onto the mailing envelope for a critical first impression

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