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Preserving Styles

When using the WYSIWYG editor on our custom content areas, sometimes when you delete a section of pre-styled text and begin to type in your own, the proper styling is lost. The reason this occurs is because under the hood, the HTML does not know whether you want to begin your text before, after, or inside of our pre-styled tags. This also occurs when editing buttons, causing the loss of both pre-styled and pre-linked text. In order to avoid this, we recommend inserting your content in-between the first and last character of all pre-styled text. Afterwards, you simply delete the extraneous first and last character.

style editing


Pasting Unformatted Text

If you are pasting text from an application such as Microsoft Word into your content areas, the styling from that application can often carry. To avoid this, you need to always paste unformatted text. There are several methods to do this, choose whichever you are most comfortable with:

  • Paste the text into the text box below. Then, copy the text out of the text box. (recommended method)
  • Paste the text into an application that does not support formatted text, such as Notepad. Then, copy the text out of Notepad.
  • On a PC, use CTRL+SHIFT+V instead of CTRL+V (not recommended, does not always work properly)

Additionally, pasting text into the WYSIWG editor that has line breaks and/or multiple paragraphs can cause the editor to paste the text into individual columns. In order to avoid this, always remove any line breaks before pasting text into the editor. To insert line breaks into your text, always use SHIFT+ENTER (or RETURN) in the WYSIWYG editor. Using only ENTER (or RETURN) will result in a new paragraph, which can have variable spacing depending on the recipient's email client.

To see a few tricks to make this process quicker, see this video.