Eventbrite - FAQ

The following are questions that Pepperdine event managers have asked that may be helpful for others to review. For Eventbrite training information and product support, please visit the Eventbrite's Help Center.

Can I remove the “Events You May Also Like” section at the bottom of my event page?

The "Events You May Also Like" feature is intended to bring more visibility to Pepperdine's events. As Pepperdine starts publishing new events, Eventbrite will recommend the University's various live and public events. Ultimately, this will help drive registrations for all events across Pepperdine. - If the event is private, it won't show related events, but in turn it will not be featured on other event pages as well.

How do I create a repeating event?

Essentially the same as a regular, none repeating event except you can add specific dates. Everything remains constant (venue/location, time, tickets, Event description etc) except for the dates. The registrant will select the date they want to attend, then select the ticket they'd like to purchase. Help center article to create a repeating event: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-set-up-a-repeating-event-schedule?lg=en_US

Is there a way to share an event with others prior to going live?

Yes, publish event (make event live) but make event Private and share the url.

Is the Eventbrite Neon app PCI compliant?

Yes, the Neon app is PCI compliant. You can view the FAQs for our credit card reader and Neon app here: http://eventbritestore.com/pages/faqs#section4.2
Here's more info about our Neon app: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/neon/

Is there a way to sell optional items or add-ons, such as books, surfing lessons, or parking? Or is everything considered a ticket?

Yes, you can sell additional items. You can add additional items in the Order Form. Do note, once an order is complete, the only away to get back to the merchandise is to purchase another ticket. It may be better in some cases to create the merchandise as "tickets". Here's how to create merchandise items: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-sell-additional-items-like-merchandise-for-your-event?lg=en_US

Is there a limit on the number of questions I can add?

No, there is no limit.

Do discount codes need to be unique or can the same on be used on different events?

The same discount code can be used on different events. You just can't have the same code used within the same event.

Can Eventbrite publish an event with no registration?

You'll have to create a ticket in order to have an event created. However, you can always hide the ticket. I don't recommend doing this as it leads to confusion and a poor customer experience. You can always create a Free event in this case where registration is not required.

What happens if I change the URL after my event has launched?

It's fine if you update your URL. The original URL (e.g. eventbrite.com/e/event-title-123456789) will always work. However, if you update your URL to pepperdine.eventbrite.com and then change it to pepperdine2015.eventbrite.com, then pepperdine.eventbrite.comwill no longer work and will take you to our homepage. Also, be aware if you advertise the event URL before making changes.

What about an event that has up to 50 events sessions within it, that have different prices for each?

We might be able to accomplish this through custom questions asking which session(s) the registrant is going to attend. Then you'd only need to create tickets for each price point. However, I think we should discuss the event setup in more detail offline for me to have a better understanding of your event.

Can I embed video on the event page?

Is there a refund process within Eventbrite, with the ability to customize how much of a refund is permitted?

You can issue full or partial refunds. You also have up to 4 days after your event ends to issue any refunds before we issue the final payout for the event. Here's how to issue a full and partial refund: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-refund-an-order?lg=en_US

Other Issues

Why doesn't my "Event Image" appear on my event page?

Since we're using custom-branded templates, the "Event Image" is replaced by the Pepperdine header on our event pages. However, it is still very important to include an "Event Image", as it will appear in other areas of Eventbrite, such as the directory and our organizer profile pages.

If you would like to add an image to your event page, you can do so by clicking the tree icon in the "Event Description" section. Make sure to follow the image naming conventions when doing so.

Can I change the price of a ticket once I've sold some already?

Once a ticket is purchased, it locks in that ticket price. The way around this is to hide that ticket and recreate it at the correct price. See here for more information.