Eventbrite Image Templates

Here are various sample images showing how Pepperdine word marks are treated on an event image for Eventbrite. The total image size will be 2160 px wide by 1080 px high with the banner portion taking up 150 px. It is best to avoid text on the image as it may get hard to read in a mobile view when the image is much smaller. If the event planner does not upload a photo in their Event Planner Notification form submission, the planner should contact Kyle Dusek directly to create an image or to provide the Photoshop template.

Eventbrite template examples


Pepperdine Image Example


Seaver College Image Sample


Alumni Affairs Image Example

Image naming convention

The naming convention is also very important for the image upload in Eventbrite as it is University policy and should be followed within the platform. The image name must be all lowercase and utilize hyphens only. No spaces or any other special characters are permitted.

  • NAMING: school-department-event-year-description (EXAMPLE: svr-alumni-waves-wknd-15-prof-smith)
    • school – The school this event is associated with. Use the below abbreviations.
      • pep – Pepperdine
      • svr – Seaver
      • sol – Caruso School of Law
      • gsbm – Graziadio School of Business and Management
      • gsep – Graduate School of Education and Psychology
      • spp – School of Public Policy
      • gpc – George Pepperdine College
    • department – The department this event is associated with (if applicable).
    • event – The title of your event. Please use abbreviations if possible.
    • year – The year which your event takes place in. Use only two digits.
    • description – A quick description of the photo.