About Digital Media

What is "Digital Media"?

Integrated Marketing Communications defines digital media as photography, video, and audio in digital formats.

Digital Media and the Brand

Any digital media produced represents Pepperdine University and it's brand in both the content and quality of the media. Consistent and coordinated use of the Pepperdine University brand on university websites and in electronic communications is essential to preserve and enhance the university. The university has developed guidelines for digital media that are to be followed by academic and administrative units. Integrated Marketing Communications will have final discretion on what digital media is used on the university's communication channels.

Video Content Standards

The content of media produced ultimately should be reflective of the university's mission.  Attention needs to be paid to avoid individual promotion, advertising third parties, use of appropriate language, attire, overall tone, and the purpose of the produced media.   Project consultation is available at all levels of production from IMC's Digital Media team to help avoid any wasted time or resources by producing content that does not meet university standards.

Digital Media Quality Standards

While quality is very subjective, we must take great care in maintaining the highest level possible. The quality of media produced does reflect the university on many levels.  While we understand that professional grade quality may not always be available or warranted, we believe the Pepperdine brand is best represented by work that shows respect to the quality of Pepperdine University.