Letter from the President

Through the years Pepperdine has grown from a small college into a major university. Today we are five schools and colleges, as well as several institutes and centers, each with a unique story to be communicated as part of the greater Pepperdine story. Telling our story today is a vastly more complex task than it was a half-century or even a quarter-century ago. It is a task that calls us to reflect and project an integrated image that takes advantage of one of our most powerful resources, the Pepperdine brand.

This Identity Style Guide is a “living” document that will help each of us maximize the impact of the Pepperdine name by providing the guidelines required to present a consistent and integrated image in all we undertake in the name of our University. In the coming months new sections will be added to address more specific design situations. While this manual cannot possibly address every design question, it does establish an overall groundwork for design execution and strategy.

Please join me in working with our University branding team to ensure that the Pepperdine story is always told well.


Andrew K. Benton