Business Cards

The University and school wordmarks are printed in a custom-mixed ochre ink at the top of the card. The employee’s name is centered below the appropriate wordmark and capitalized. The name will be printed in blue ink, Pantone 2945.

Title information is restricted to one line centered below the name. The title will be capitalized and printed in ochre ink in a font size smaller than that of the name.

Contact Information on the business card is restricted to three lines and can include a telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and mailing address. No web address may be included. Contact information should be centered and anchored at the bottom of the business card.

The first line should list a telephone number and may include a fax number. Telephone numbers should be listed with a hyphen separating the area code and the main number. Telephone numbers should be denoted by printing “Telephone:” before the number, not “Phone.” Fax numbers may be denoted by printing “Fax:” before the number. Neither “Telephone” nor “Fax” should be printed in all uppercase letters or “all

Centered below the first line, the second line should list an e-mail address, which should be indicated by printing “E-mail:” before the address. E-mail addresses should be printed in lowercase letters in one of the following formats: or

The third line of text should be used for the address, which should also be centered. The state should be abbreviated as “CA” rather than spelled out. The University ZIP code or a ZIP+4 code may be used.

All Pepperdine domestic stationery materials must be ordered through University Printing Services. The minimum order for letterhead, envelopes or business cards is 500 units.

To order stationery materials, submit a C2C request through PeopleSoft or contact University Printing Services directly for assistance. When ordering a new supply of existing stationery, please submit a sample along with the request.

Contact University Printing Services at ext. 4196.