In general, the return address on envelopes should correspond to the accompanying letterhead. The University wordmark and school wordmarks are printed in a custom-mixed ochre ink called Pepperdine ochre. All other text is printed in blue ink, Pantone 2945.

Additional return address information is restricted to two lines of text below the appropriate University or school wordmark. When necessary, the first additional line of text may be used for a center, institute, or program name, or to denote a specific office, such as OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR. The text should be capitalized and centered below the wordmark. No personal names or additional administrative titles, such as "Director," may be used.

The second additional line of text would then be used for the address, which should also be centered below the wordmark. On the envelope, the state should be abbreviated as "CA" rather than spelled out. The University ZIP code or a ZIP+4 code may be used.