The University wordmark and school wordmarks are printed in a custom-mixed ochre ink that has no corresponding Pantone color because of the custom blend. This color will be referred to as Pepperdine ochre. All other text is printed in blue ink, Pantone 2945.

Title Line
The title line is centered below the masthead, and all type is capitalized. The title line may be used for the name of a program, institute, or center, or it may be used to denote a specific office, such as OFFICE OF THE DEAN. No personal names may be used.

Contact Information Line
The contact information line is limited to one line of text only. The address should be included in the footer at the bottom of the page with the state spelled out as "California" rather than abbreviated. The University ZIP code or a ZIP+4 code may be used. Telephone numbers should be listed with a hyphen separating the area code and the main number without the word "Telephone:" preceding. Fax numbers may be denoted by printing "Fax:" before the number. The word "Fax" should have an initial capital followed by
lowercase letters and should not be printed in all uppercase letters as "FAX." No E-mail or web addresses may be included in the contact information.

Standard margins (1.25 inches left and right, 2.5 inches top, and 1.25 inches bottom) must be maintained, regardless of output device.