An important part of any university's identity is its stationery. Much of
our personalized communication with outside constituencies, whether
they are University friends, potential friends, alumni, or colleagues,
takes the form of a letter. New professional relationships may be
started and lasting impressions made with an exchange of business

Maintaining the University brand by adhering to the proper use of
University stationery is as vital to the integrity of our identity as the
proper use of the seal and wordmarks.
Pepperdine's stationery has been designed to incorporate the
University's hand-lettered wordmark along with specific division
titles and address information in an attractive and unified manner.
The University wordmark is reproduced on all Pepperdine stationery
in a custom-blended color available only through University Printing

The following pages denote the exact requirements for letterhead,
envelopes, and business cards. These standards apply to stationery
materials intended primarily for domestic use, as international
requirements and standards may vary.

Please note that embossed stationery materials are available for the
following University officers only:

Members of the Board of Regents
Vice Presidents