Typographic identity for the University takes many forms. It encompasses not only the University's publications but also environmental and way-finding graphics, vehicles, clothing, and just about any application that visually represents the University.

The following section is intended to identify typography that is considered primary to the campus identity. In addition, type suggestions are included to help the campus community achieve coordinated and consistent materials when presenting Pepperdine in a unified manner. Minimum recommended point size for body text is 8 point.


Are these the only fonts I can design with?

It is preferred that certain elements of all publications, signs, collateral materials, and vehicles would attempt to use the fonts listed as appropriate. However, in regard to publication design, it often is necessary to use fonts and typography that relate to specific audiences. That is why the identity is applied to only specific information (department name, contact information, etc.) This allows lexibility, as it applies to the overall design of materials.

What if I don't have all these fonts?

It is not required that every department own all of the listed fonts. The fonts are there to guide those who would like to integrate with the University identity. In some cases departments will choose to purchase the fonts for other departments hiring the design and graphic production. The fonts Times and Arial are common to most Macs and PCs.