Form Asset


Assets allows for the creation and use of reusable content such as text, images, media, code blocks, managed forms, image galleries, polls, and more. The creation and management of assets is integrated into the permission system and administrators can restrict the editing of assets through group access.

Form assets allow users to easily create and manage forms, surveys, and polls. Form creation, data collection and storage all happen within the OU Campus system and OU forms can be easily inserted into OU Campus pages.

Recommended Sizes

Full | Three-quarters | Two-thirds | Half | Third


Instructions (Form Asset)

  1. If you are not logged on, see How to Log On to OU Campus.
  2. Hover over the Content tab.
  3. Click "Assets".

click content     4.Click the New button and select "Form".

click form

    5. Fill Out the Asset elements.

    • Enter the Asset Name.
    • Enter a Description for the asset.
    • Enter one or more Tags for the asset.

                   Note: Useful tags include the type, purpose, department and/or school.

    • There is no need to click the lock to site as all gallery assets are only available within the site that it is placed.
    • Change the Access Group to one in which you belong.
         Note: The Access Group determines who may edit the asset.
    • Optional: Change the Available To drop-down group from Everyone to a specific group.
    • Drag and Drop from Form Elements in the left column and drop them into the Element main section and fill in the requested fields.
      • Form Features/Elements include:
        • Single-Line Text Field - an input space for a single value. 
        • Multi-Line Text Field - an input space for multiple values.
        • Radio Buttons - an element that allows users to toggle between form inputs.  
        • Checkboxes - an element that allows users to check form inputs.
        • Drop-Down - an element that provides additional values below. 
        • Multi-Select - a form element that provides a list of values to select. 
        • The ability to set all Live Delivery Platform (LDP) Form input fields as "required." LDP Forms in OU Campus allow users to easily create and manage forms, surveys, and polls.
        • Helper Text for all form input fields. This function provides text that will appear as a selection under the form, and can guide users on how to fill out that specific field.
        • The option to include CAPTCHA authentication within your form. CAPTCHA authentication is a security measure that confirms that information was submitted by a human and not a bot. Users are asked to pass a short test in order to prevent automated requests by computers from reaching the servers.
        • A Date/Time Picker, which gives users the ability to select a calendar date and/or time of day
        • Instructional Text, which provides a mini WYSIWYG editor that allows for the configuration of text to be displayed in the form
        • The option to append all form submission data at the end of an e-mail message
        • A more simplified way of allowing users to add all submitted form values within e-mail messages.
        • Increased character limit of a form's e-mail body field from 1,000 characters to 3,000
        • A URL redirect option upon form submission
    • Optional: For advanced settings please see OU Campus Forms support page.
    • Optional: To receive an email upon a form submission, click Add in the Email Messages area and fill out the information fields. With the latest OU Campus releaser users have the ability to redirect users to another page upon submitting the form, as well as provide users with the form values they submitted via an email.
    • Fill out the form Success Message and the form Failure Message. 

    6. Click the Create button.

    7. Publish the asset.

    8. To add the form to a page, in the page's WYSIWYG editing are click the Asset button in the toolbar and find and insert your form asset though the file chooser.

embeddinf form

Review and Edit

    • To edit, check-out the asset and go to the Edit button.
    • Save and Publish.

Styling and Customization

Info on Advanced Field Attributes

You can use the "advanced" section in the form fields for further customization. Click here for a link to additional information.