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How to Create an OU Form

Instructions (Form Asset)

  • Once logged into OU, find and click “Content Tab”. You will see a dropdown containing “Assets”, click “Assets”.
  • On the Assets page, click the “New” button at the right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Form”.
  • Fill in the “Asset info” and "Access Settings".
  • Select the “Elements” for the form.
  • Fill in the information for the “Email Messages” section.
  • Fill in the “Form Settings”.
  • Hitting create on the bottom right of the page will take you to a new screen. When ready, click “publish".
  • In order to embed your form, you can use the WISYWIG located at the editing page of the file.


Styling and Customization

You can use the "advanced" section in the form fields for further customization. Clickherefor a link to additional information.