WordPress Training: Magazines

Set Post Screen Options (top right of WordPress): Show All

Posting Instructions

  • Create a new post
  • Add title
  • Copy the article and click the paste plain text button and paste the text. Content is added to the "Visual" tab content area
  • Stylize:
    • Delete subtitle and byline (will be added later)
    • Select and bold or italicized words if not carried over from pasting (check capitalization as well)
  • Links
    • Select link words, click "Insert/Edit link"
    • Paste Link URL
    • If URL is outside of the site use: Target: "Open in new window (_blank)
  • Upload images
    • Create a new paragraph and set the cursor to the empty space.
    • Click "Add Media"
    • Select or Upload an image
    • Change the Title to be more formal (capitalize and delete dashes)
    • Paste the same title value into the "Alt Text" (*for accessibility)
    • Add Caption if any
    • Select Alignment (left or right)
    • Link To: "None" (unless using a smaller size initially and linking to larger file, then select Link To: "Media File")
    • Click the "Insert into Post" button at the bottom
    • If you need to edit the image again then click on the image inside the post and click the image icon that appears at the top left.
  • Custom Fields
    • Add subtitle, byline, and select issue values into the form fields
  • Add an Excerpt (aim for less than 160 characters) (the SEO description field counts for you)
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast - add Keywords, Title, and Description (*for search purposes. Description can be the same as the article's subtitle or excerpt)
  • Featured Image (is the main image of any article, features are the largest images that go all the way across the area - 620px width)
    • Click "Set featured image"
    • Upload file or if already done select image from the "Media Library" tab
    • Change the title to be more formal (capitalize and delete dashes) and copy and use as Alternate Text as well
    • Click "Set featured image"
  • Check appropriate Categories
  • Add Tags (optional)
  • Save Draft (if a change is made after the magazine is live then click Update instead)
  • Preview

NOTE: The most recent post publish date appears first. Order posts like so:

  • Features
  • Community (for Pep Mag only)
  • Perspectives
  • News
  • Snapshot (for Pep Mag only)
  • Faculty
  • Alumni / Class Actions
  • In Focus (for Pep Mag only)
  • Message from the Dean / Letters

Ordering the Issue: If you need to edit the post order go to "Posts" and hover over the title of the post you want to change the date on. Click "Quick Edit" and change the date. You can also edit the date inside the post in the Publish box.

Publishing the Entire Issue

  1. In posts select all the articles in the new issue
  2. Click Bulk Actions: "Edit" and then click "Apply"
  3. Change Status: to "Published"
  4. Click Update
  5. In Appearance → Theme Options, edit the "Full posts to display" to the number of full-width items to appear on the homepage
  6. In Settings → Reading, edit the "Blog pages show at most" to the total number of excerpts to appear on the homepage (includes Feature and Perspectives posts)
  7. Check live homepage to make sure it works

Editing the Archives Page

  1. Go into "Pages" and open the "Archives" page
  2. Add a new table row
  3. Type all the text first and insert a break between items (add links last)
  4. Add a new paragraph and insert image (align left and no link)
  5. Add links to the text
  6. Click "Update"
  7. Preview the Archives page

Image Guidelines

Feature, Community, and Perspective main images:

Featured Image: 620 x 275 pixels

Regular Posts:

Top, Main Image (non-feature): No wider or taller than 300 pixels – No Link – Align right
Body Images: No wider or taller than 300pixels – No Link – Align right or left


Cover images: 120 x 155 pixels – No Link – Align Left – Full size

Naming (lowercase, dashes, and numbers only):

Main images: article-name.jpg
Secondary/Regular images: image-description.jpg


Send all printed urls and their redirects to kyle.dusek@pepperdine.edu


Adding or Removing Topics (tags/categories)

  1. First go to Posts -- Categories and create new item
  2. Then go to Appearance -- Menus
  3. Select the "Topics" tab
  4. Scroll to the "Categories" box on the left side and select which new item and click "Add to Menu"
  5. Re-order new item to be in alphabetical order

Adding the new Issuu link:

  1. Click Appearance → Widgets
  2. Open the "Sidebar Right" and open the "Text:Read Current Flip Book" widget
  3. Change the link only (within <a href="...">
  4. Save

Ads (for Pep Mag only)

  1. Go to Tools → Datafeeder Random Ads
  2. Select an existing ad from the <div class="promo"> to the end </div>
  3. Copy & Paste or Delete
  4. Save Changes


 For further assistance please contact:

kimberly.robison@pepperdine.edu or kyle.dusek@pepperdine.edu