Seaver College IRB

Information on this website is specific to individuals submitting IRB applications to the Seaver College IRB.

The Seaver College IRB is responsible for reviewing research applications of investigators from any division or department within Seaver College. Staff members or employees of Pepperdine who do not have a faculty appointment, but who are conducting research investigations, also should submit IRB applications to the Seaver College IRB. The website is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pepperdine IRB webpage.

All new IRB applications must be submitted using the new eProtocol IRB system at Helpful resources are available to assist with applying online and submitting an IRB application at Pepperdine University.

Seaver College IRB Application Information and Application Checklist

Individuals who are submitting an application to the Seaver College IRB should consult the IRB Application Checklist when preparing materials for submission. The checklist is designed to provide additional guidance and assist in the preparation of a complete IRB application.

Updates to Seaver College IRB Policies and Procedures

  1. The deadline for applications submitted for Full IRB Review is 5 p.m. on on the submission date listed on the Seaver College IRB Calendar.
  2. Applications for Exempt and Expedited Review can be submitted at any time. Principal Investigators (PIs) can expect to receive the Seaver IRB decision letter within two to three weeks following submission of a complete application.
  3. PIs who have submitted an application for Full Review are strongly encouraged to be available (either in person or by phone) to the IRB on the morning (between 8:30 and 10 a.m.) during the meeting of the Seaver IRB when their application being reviewed (see Seaver College IRB Calendar for meeting dates).
  4. PIs will receive written feedback regarding an application after IRB review has been completed. Investigators are encouraged to contact the IRB Chairperson to arrange for an in-person, telephone, or email consultation with one of the IRB members to answer questions prior to application submission or to discuss the written feedback contained in an IRB decision.

Seaver College IRB Education Information

You are welcome to contact the IRB for educational resources on human subjects protections.

Seaver IRB Chairperson – Dr. Susan Helm;

IRB Manager - Ms. Andrea Quintero;