Business Analysis Job Family

Individuals within the Business Analysis career progression act as a liaison between the IT department and the business client. They collect, analyze, review, document, and communicate business needs and requirements. They assess the needs of a client through direct interaction and look for opportunities to develop and grow the business through effective use of technology.

Based on breadth and depth of understanding of business needs and processes, they collaborate with IT professionals to determine if solutions currently exist (internally or externally) or whether new solutions are feasible. They take a broad perspective to determine how such solutions will impact existing work processes and systems, and how to manage the integration. They also research and facilitate the evaluation of "buy vs. build" decisions. Business Analysis professionals are responsible for proactively identifying technology opportunities that impact corporate business strategies and performance. Senior level professionals within this job family work principally with the top level management of a specific business area and build consensus on IT investment decisions with executives in IT, Finance, and other corporate functions.

Individuals in this job family must have a solid understanding of the client's existing business processes, the key drivers and measures of success for the business, and the short- and long-term direction of the business and related technologies. They should have a working knowledge of the business area that they support and should be equally aligned with the IT department. Business Analysis professionals educate project team members on business unit goals and objectives and educate the business on the value of information technology. They also display innovation in identifying, proposing, and overseeing the execution of business solutions. Through adaptable communication skills and the ability to translate between technical and business language, they work collaboratively, negotiating requirements across multiple groups. Finally, they must have an understanding of the overall IT architecture of the organization.

Career Ladder Position descriptions

Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Lead Business Analyst
Senior Lead Business Analyst
Chief Business Analyst

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