ERP Development Job Family

Individuals within the ERP Applications Development career progression work closely with clients, business analysts, and team members to understand the business requirements that drive the analysis and design of quality technical solutions for the development and operation of ERP systems. ERP developers ensure that all ERP applications are in compliance with the organization's architectural standards. ERP Applications Developers configure, analyze, design, develop, and maintain ERP program codes and applications to support business processes and functions. They also work on elements of large, complex installations.

ERP Applications Development professionals typically design, test, and debug ERP software. They assist in such day-to-day operations as troubleshooting problems arising from regular use, production support, and maintaining the ERP platform. They develop scripts for data merging and migration, and assist in the development of ERP interfaces to internal and external systems. ERP developers have experience in systems design and have a solid understanding of applications development, database development, application and system testing, and integration methodologies.

ERP Applications Development professionals may work as individual contributors, team members, or as technical team leaders. They understand the technical environments upon which the ERP application is run and work closely with database planning and infrastructure operations. They also provide client support, consultation, and subject matter expertise for day-to-day operations, maintenance, and support.

Career Ladder Position descriptions

ERP Developer
Senior ERP Developer
Lead ERP Developer
Senior Lead ERP Developer
Chief ERP Developer

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