IT Leadership Job Family

IT Leaders are responsible for creating the behaviors, structures, systems, and competencies required to run the IT organization as an effective, valued partner. They align the IT strategy, services, investment decisions, and delivery structures and processes with the strategic direction of the enterprise. IT Leaders provide services to meet the needs of the clients and takes responsibility for improving processes that are negatively affecting customer satisfaction and relationships. They also develop appropriate pricing models and chargeback schemes for IT services. They oversee the development of corporate standards, technology architecture, technology evaluation, and transfer. They manage small to large teams of people responsible for developing and delivering IT solutions for the business and customers. Each role within this job family provides technical and business leadership to their organizations as well as to the business.

IT Leaders are also responsible for anticipating and analyzing trends in technology, assessing the impact of emerging technologies on the business, providing solutions to address technology and business issues, and managing financial and technology resources of the enterprise while ensuring the development of high-quality technology solutions. These solutions must be developed at the best possible cost and be aligned with customer and business needs while establishing relationships with employees and key internal and external stakeholders. They are also responsible for participating and leading the development of an IT governance framework that defines the working relationships and sharing of IT components among various IT groups within the enterprise.

To be successful, individuals must possess a combination of business, technical, and leadership skills. Additionally, individuals working in this job family must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to influence others. They must also be able to quickly assess the impact of technical issues on the business and make decisions appropriately. Through relationship management, they understand client needs, identify and pursues profitable opportunities, and assumes responsibility for customers' overall satisfaction. IT Leaders educate business leaders about how to maximize the value of IT and partner with them to demonstrate the value of IT investments.

Career Ladder Position descriptions

Team Leader
Senior Manager
Associate Director

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