IT Security Job Family

Individuals within the IT Security career progression develop and manage data, system, and network security architecture. They develop, enforce and audit security policies and procedures such as access, breach escalation, use of firewalls, and encryption routines. Other responsibilities include conducting and reporting on internal investigations of possible security violations and developing risk analysis scenarios and response procedures.

Individuals enforce security policies and procedures by administering and monitoring data security profiles on all platforms, reviewing security violation reports and investigating security exceptions. They update, maintain, and document security controls and provide direct support to the business and internal IT groups for security related issues. They also advise on the integrity of security procedures, systems, and policies in the design of systems and facilities. Security professionals evaluate and recommend security products, services, and/or procedures to enhance productivity and effectiveness. Lastly, they oversee security awareness programs and provide education on security policies and practices.

Individuals demonstrate extensive knowledge in networking, databases, and systems operations and are skilled in problem analysis and decision-making.

Career Ladder Position descriptions

Security Analyst
Senior Security Analyst
Lead Security Analyst
Senior Lead Security Analyst
Chief Security Analyst

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